The Story

Galactic Lacquer was started by me, Corrinne, out of a love for lacquer. I love painting my nails, and always have. As a child, I remember my mother would buy me the practice sort of polishes that you could just peel off easily. Even though I was a nail biter, I still loved painting my nails.

Even though I had my own real polishes after a while, I always bugged my mom to let me use hers. I guess I thought they seemed much cooler and grown-up! One time she let me use a tiny bottle of Clinique nail polish in her pristine white bathroom in our rental house. I was only about seven years old, so I ended up knocking it over and spilling it all over the white counter, cabinets, and tile.

Eventually, I was less clumsy, and toward the end of middle school, I had found an amazing nail polish at a grocery store that was going out of business - Nail Slicks "Mystic Peacock." The color is an amazing dark shade with an incredible greenish sheen. There were two bottles left on the near-empty shelf, and they were both going home with me!

After I got those polishes, I was so in love that I finally stopped biting my nails. I still kept them somewhat short, but no more chewing and tearing at my nails, and no more picking at my cuticles. I had finally kicked one of the hardest habits. Ever since then, I have been bite free!

Now I can enjoy my nail polishes! I still don't keep my nails entirely too long, but long enough for me to enjoy beautiful polishes, and the act of painting my nails. For the better part of my time in college, I didn't really paint my nails. I would go through phases where I would consistently do them every week or so, but then would fall out of it again due to being busy.

However, that all changed when I was exposed to nail art. Not too long ago, I found incredible nail art by browsing the website Reddit. I had been a "Redditor" for a while, and had always lurked and upvoted funny or interesting things. But then I found the RedditLacqueristas subreddit, and my life changed. I was floored by the amount of talent and beautiful creations that these lovely ladies could make, and I immediately subscribed to the subreddit.

Through the subreddit, I learned about different tools and methods of doing nail art. I learned about dotting tools and how to use them. Prior to finding the lacqueristas, I had only ever painted my nails a single color - I never even did French manicures! So I ordered dotting tools, nice glass nail files, and some precision brushes. For the first time, I was able to do art with my nails, and realized that I had ten little canvases at my fingertips!

Since then, I have been addicted. I think of myself as a full-blown lacquerista, and even then, I am incredibly nooby compared to thousands of other talented women. Whether I am really good at it or not, I absolutely love doing it, and have definitely found my hobby. It also made me really happy to share my creations with the world on that subreddit, so now I have evolved to this blog where I can hopefully share it with even more nail polish fanatics.

I created this blog with so much in mind. I love nail art, I love nail polish, I love the act of painting my nails, and I love sharing my creations with people. I hope that other people can indulge in nail art the way I do, and that I may perhaps inspire others to try it, or to do some crazy designs!

Thanks for reading, and happy lacquering!