Friday, January 23, 2015

Rainbow Honey - Stolen Dance

It's been a while since I got this lovely Rainbow Honey polished called Stolen Dance. It was from their Summer Mixtape collection last year, and it's just gorgeous! While it's amazing on its own, I decided to pair it with a copper-gold accent to dress it up a bit.

Stolen Dance is a gorgeous minty polish. It's a little more on the green side than most mints, but I'd still call it "mint." It's a little sheer, but it does build up, and it even has a gorgeous pinkish shimmer to it. For the accent, I decided to pair Stolen Dance with Cult Nails Blaze, which is a glittery topper that consists of copper and gold microglitters. I also decided to use a couple of rose gold studs.

I started off by painting all nails with Stolen Dance. It's sheer, so it took about three coats to build up, but it was worth it. The color is gorgeous, and the shimmer is just stunning! I then took Blaze and applied it to my accent nail (ring finger), and half of my middle finger nail (freehand). Blaze also took about three coats to build up to opacity, but this is also gorgeous! In retrospect, I should have probably applied just a solid copper under Blaze, but alas, hindsight is 20/20! 

I then applied Seche Vite topcoat to all nails to finish them off. While the topcoat was wet, I carefully placed a rose gold stud onto the index finger and pinky finger nails. They're a little plain, so I'm thinking I should have just dotted some spots of Blaze on at least one of the mint nails for some polka dots, but I'm still happy with the overall look.

Although my thumb isn't pictured, I also applied Blaze to my thumb and built it up to opacity. However my thumb had a bit of a break last week, so it's still not entirely presentable! At least the shimmer on my other nails, along with the neutral color of Blaze itself, helps hide the broken one!

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