Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ILNP - Brilliance

I finally got my hands on some of ILNP's Ultra Chrome Flakies! I bought quite a few of them, and they are absolutely stunning in person. So I'll start this off by saying that these photos do not do this polish justice! Each flakie is just amazing in person.

The first Ultra Chrome Flakie that I decided to try out is called Brilliance. This one is sort of a toxic lime green, which also goes into yellow, gold, and even orange and pink. It looks mostly yellow and green when looked at head-on, but it really transforms as you move your fingers in person.

I really wanted to see how Brilliance would look on its own, but without building it up tons, so I decided to apply it over Rainbow Honey Nyx. I applied one coat of Nyx and then two very thin coats of Brilliance. Brilliance covered so well that you could honestly probably achieve this look with one generous coat. I feel like two or three coats would actually get you full coverage! I was tempted to go for more, but decided to leave it as it appears in the photos for now.

I'm really stunned by how these polishes look. They are absolutely incredible, and if you haven't gotten any, I would recommend just about any of them! ILNP seems to have a color combination for everyone on their website: 
Each full size bottle of Ultra Chrome Flakies is $12.50.

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