Monday, December 22, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Winter Holiday Nail Art

On December 12, Rainbow Honey had announced a Winter/Holiday nail art giveaway! I saw the post, and it got me to finally do some winter nail art. I haven't had too much time this year to do anything too crazy, but I though at least some snowy sparkles would be nice!

I waited a little while to post it since it was a new manicure created just for the nail art contest, as their rules stated it should be new. So to avoid any confusion, I just wanted to wait until the contest was over, but I still wanted to share it with you all! 

I didn't do anything too terribly special, as I mentioned before, but I did manage to use all Rainbow Honey products too! I started off by using Heron 36 as my base color, which took two coats. I then applied a single coat of Snow and Lights to add a little sparkle and color. I also had some loose nail art glitters called My Snowy Valentine from Rainbow Honey, so I used 10 of the large, white snowflakes from there. 

I separated 10 snowflake pieces before beginning to paint my nails, and since they're so large, I bent them a tiny bit between my fingers to get them to curve a little. It really helped them contour to my nails! I then finished off fish a coat of Seche Vite (okay, a non-Rainbow Honey product!) to seal the snowflake glitters in. But I did also apply another layer of scented Rainbow Honey topcoat in Muscovite on top too. 

I'm very happy with how it turned out! I was afraid that Snow and Lights would be a little too blue at first, but I think it helps the snowflakes stand out, and it also helped the cooler tones of Heron 36 show through too. Now I want to do more holiday/winter nail art!


  1. Adorable! The snowflakes were a nice touch!

  2. This is a really lovely manicure!

  3. This really shows the nails according to the winter season, the choice of color is super amazing and the design you have done is very appealing

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