Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Hebi

Last month, Rainbow Honey released three new additions to The Yokai. You may remember that I revisited and reviewed Kitsune, Oni, and Kawako with you all to celebrate the two year anniversary of the original release of The Yokai. Well today I have one of the new additions - Hebi!

Hebi is a gorgeous deep teal color. Hebi is supposed to represent the snake, and this deep but shimmery polish does the reptile justice! However, these photos do not do it proper justice! This polish honestly has a wonderful depth to it in person that just can't be captured.

Hebi covers great in just two coats. It is almost a jelly, but more of a crelly due to how dark it is. It builds up very easily, and since it is not entirely opaque, it gives a gorgeous depth. All of the shimmer is absolutely stunning, and it shines mostly green and blue, but there are hints of gold, purple, and even orange.

I'm really glad that I picked up the new Yokai trio! I will have to try out the other two now. I purchased Hebi from Rainbow Honey's shop at Each full size polish is $10.

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