Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Best Friend and Prussian Sky

Yes, I am somewhat of a Rainbow Honey addict. But their polishes are great for both what's in season and not! I thought I was swatching a lot of colors that were more appropriate for fall, or had done some holiday themed nail art, so it was time for something different! I suppose this could also be somewhat of a "last hurrah" for summer though, as it's even starting to cool down here in Florida. I wanted to do something bright and crazy, and Best Friend was just perfect for that!

The neon glitters in this polish make me think of summer, but they also really make me think of the late 80s and moreso the early 90s. I am absolutely in love with the glitters in this polish - both the shapes and colors. I really like how some of the hexagons are neon pink, but some are also a more unique coral shade. The yellow hexagons are also more of a golden yellow in person, and they're gorgeous! And my favorite part about the glitters is the black and white triangles!

I wanted to do somewhat of a glitter gradient with Best Friend, but ultimately I ended up covering most of my nails. I'm okay with it though, and I love how it turned out! I used Rainbow Honey Prussian Sky as my base, and I am also loving this color. It is a bright blue with a bit of shimmer in it. Paired with the shimmer in Best Friend's base, it contrasts well with the flat, matte glitters!

Best Friend is from a Rainbow Honey's Summer Mixtape collection. Last I checked, it was still in stock for just $10! I love it so much I may have to pick up another bottle myself. Prussian Sky is also from Rainbow Honey, specifically their Midnight Garden collection. Both can be found on http://www.rainbowhoney.com/

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