Friday, November 21, 2014

Essie - Shine of the Times

It's been a while since I used an old favorite - Essie's Shine of the Times. I absolutely love this flakie topcoat, and it looks stunning over a variety of colors. Honestly what made me go for a flakie was seeing ILNP's new Ultra Chrome Flakies, which got me thinking how pretty they are, yet how long it's been since I used a lot of them!

Every time I used this polish, I am reminded of how gorgeous it is. I remember purchasing this bottle years ago now, as I believe it was part of Essie's 2011 holiday collection, specifically one of the Luxeffects. The flakes in it are a little small, but they are quite dense, so they build up quickly. 

I didn't want to use it over plain black this time (although it looks amazing over black!) so I applied it over a plum shade to be more seasonal. I applied two thin coats of Shine of the Times over two coats of Milani Hipster Plum this time. I am loving how the orange, gold, and green contrast with the deep purple. I think it actually looks even more surreal and classy than it does over black! I might have to try it over burgundy next.

I honestly love this polish and am quite sad that it can be difficult for people to find sometimes, as it is from a collection that is now almost three years old. However I sometimes see it stocked on Amazon and other online retailers, so if you see it, I recommend grabbing a bottle while you can!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Best Friend and Prussian Sky

Yes, I am somewhat of a Rainbow Honey addict. But their polishes are great for both what's in season and not! I thought I was swatching a lot of colors that were more appropriate for fall, or had done some holiday themed nail art, so it was time for something different! I suppose this could also be somewhat of a "last hurrah" for summer though, as it's even starting to cool down here in Florida. I wanted to do something bright and crazy, and Best Friend was just perfect for that!

The neon glitters in this polish make me think of summer, but they also really make me think of the late 80s and moreso the early 90s. I am absolutely in love with the glitters in this polish - both the shapes and colors. I really like how some of the hexagons are neon pink, but some are also a more unique coral shade. The yellow hexagons are also more of a golden yellow in person, and they're gorgeous! And my favorite part about the glitters is the black and white triangles!

I wanted to do somewhat of a glitter gradient with Best Friend, but ultimately I ended up covering most of my nails. I'm okay with it though, and I love how it turned out! I used Rainbow Honey Prussian Sky as my base, and I am also loving this color. It is a bright blue with a bit of shimmer in it. Paired with the shimmer in Best Friend's base, it contrasts well with the flat, matte glitters!

Best Friend is from a Rainbow Honey's Summer Mixtape collection. Last I checked, it was still in stock for just $10! I love it so much I may have to pick up another bottle myself. Prussian Sky is also from Rainbow Honey, specifically their Midnight Garden collection. Both can be found on

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Hebi

Last month, Rainbow Honey released three new additions to The Yokai. You may remember that I revisited and reviewed Kitsune, Oni, and Kawako with you all to celebrate the two year anniversary of the original release of The Yokai. Well today I have one of the new additions - Hebi!

Hebi is a gorgeous deep teal color. Hebi is supposed to represent the snake, and this deep but shimmery polish does the reptile justice! However, these photos do not do it proper justice! This polish honestly has a wonderful depth to it in person that just can't be captured.

Hebi covers great in just two coats. It is almost a jelly, but more of a crelly due to how dark it is. It builds up very easily, and since it is not entirely opaque, it gives a gorgeous depth. All of the shimmer is absolutely stunning, and it shines mostly green and blue, but there are hints of gold, purple, and even orange.

I'm really glad that I picked up the new Yokai trio! I will have to try out the other two now. I purchased Hebi from Rainbow Honey's shop at Each full size polish is $10.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Zoya Wishes Collection

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the new Wishes collection from Zoya and share it with you all. Wishes is the winter holiday 2014 collection, and it consists of six stunning shades. This time the collection is split between three "normal" polishes and three PixieDust polishes.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

The six shades as described by Zoya are:
  • Nori- Sapphire blue Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter
  • Thea- Deep amethyst Magical PixieDust with an orchid flash, packed full of holographic hex glitter
  • Imogen- Black crystal Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter
  • Prim- Velvet blue metallic, with a full coverage, high-density pigment
  • Haven- True holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance.
  • Willa- Full-coverage, onyx black cream.

Prim is a beautiful velvet blue shade. It is very metallic, but the super-fine flecks that it is made up of add to the velvet effect. Prim covers surprisingly well, and it is almost a one-coater! I applied two coats for good measure though. You can see some very faint streaks in it, but I feel like this happens with just about any metallic polish like this. Just don't overwork it and it will look great though.

Willa is a great black creme. This polish is pretty simple since it's just that - a black creme. However it's great since I actually don't have any flat black Zoya polishes. Raven is close, but Raven has a very subtle, slight shimmer to it. With just one coat, Willa seems a little sheer, but adding a second coat makes it super opaque. I used two coats for these photos.

Haven is a gorgeous purple shade with brighter light-catching flecks in it. I feel like Zoya has been releasing amazing purple shades this year, which is perfect for 2014's radiant orchid theme! Haven is also a metallic made up of super-fine metallic flecks, so you can barely see some super-fine streaks in it. However the streaks are even less noticeable than in Prim, and again, you won't have any issues if you don't overwork it. I used two coats of Haven.

 Thea is one of the three PixieDust polishes in this collection, and is almost the PixieDust version of Haven. The shade of purple is a gorgeous orchid color, and is somewhat of a jelly. One coat is a little sheer, but it builds up very easily with a second coat. I applied two coats for these photos. While Thea is one of the PixieDust polishes, I don't feel that it is super textured. I suppose this is good if you like a little texture without it being like sandpaper. While it doesn't look super textured, you can definitely feel it a bit.

Nori is a beautiful blue PixieDust polish. Like Thea, Nori has lots of holographic glitter in it. It also isn't super textured, which is sort of nice. I guess with these not being intensely textured, they are also easier to apply a layer of topcoat over, if you want to just enjoy the glittery polish without any texture. Nori appears a little darker in the bottle, but brightens a bit on the nail since it is also somewhat jelly-like. While it is also sheer in one coat, it easily builds up in two. 

Imogen is the last of the PixieDust polishes in this collection. This one really caught my eye for some reason, and it looks almost like outer space with all sorts of varying stars and planets. It seems that all three PixieDusts in this collection are similar since they are not super textured, and have a jelly-like base that is pretty sheer in one coat. However Imogen is a little more sheer to me, perhaps just less pigmented, but I felt like I needed three coats of this one to make it more opaque. The benefit of it not being so opaque is that the holographic glitter really shines through. These photos do not do it justice on the nail, but you can see how my camera really caught it in the bottle below! 

In general, this is yet another great collection from Zoya. While I am usually a huge fan of the PixieDust polishes, I think I'm actually loving the three "normal" polishes more this time around - especially Haven

You can purchase the Wishes collection from now. Haven, Prim, and Willa are $9 each, and the PixieDusts (Nori, Thea, and Imogen) are $10 each. A sampler of all six full size polishes is $57.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.