Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zoya - Ultra PixieDust

Fall time typically yields some of the best nail polish collections, in my opinion. I just love the rich hues of cranberry, red, orange, and more. The warm, saturated tones are just perfect for the season!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

The new-for-fall Zoya Ultra PixieDust trio has some of those perfect autumn shades. I'm also really excited for them since they're PixieDusts! The three colors from left to right are:
  • Noir - Deep vampy plum with red Mega Hex Particles
  • Arianna - Blue-toned red wine with Mega Hex Particles
  • Oswin - True red with Mega Hex Particles
Since they dry textured with a slight matte finish, I also showed what they look like with a layer of topcoat on.

Noir is a gorgeous deep purple shade. I found that the base on this one is actually pretty jelly-like, but easily builds up in a couple coats. For some reason I feel like this one is the least textured of the trio. I suppose that's good if you're not into heavily textured polishes, but it actually seemed a little flat. However, the gorgeous glitters in it made up for it, and I actually really love how this one looks with a topcoat on! I used two coats of Noir.

Arianna is probably my favorite in this mini collection, as it falls right in between Noir and Oswin in terms of hue. I'm not always a huge fan of purples, and reds can be hit-or-miss for me, but this cranberry is the perfect in between hue! The base of Arianna is also a bit jelly-like, but I feel like it was slightly more opaque than Noir. The texture of this polish also falls between the not-so-textured Noir and the more textured Oswin. I used two coats of Arianna.

Oswin is the last of this amazing trio. It is a beautiful, brilliant red without being too bright and obnoxious (sometimes reds are a little bright on my fair skin!) and it isn't a super deep, vampy red either. I feel like Oswin fits great into the fall lineup, but will also carry over into the winter season well. Oswin is perhaps the most textured of the three, but I think it's perfect. The level of texture is great, so I would leave this one alone and not apply a topcoat. I also just wasn't a huge fan of how it appeared with a topcoat - Noir does it with the topcoat much better! I used two coats of Oswin.

In general, I really like this trio. I feel like Noir looks the best with a topcoat, and Oswin looks best without it. Arianna falls right in between in terms of texture, hue, and even how it appears with a glossy topcoat. I think Arianna is the best of both worlds for many reasons, so I'm really enjoying this one in particular! 
You can purchase the new Ultra PixieDust trio now from for $10 each for full size bottles, or $30 for the full set.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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