Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zoya - Matte Velvet

I have yet another beautiful Zoya collection for you all. I love their season releases, but fall time is particularly my favorite. These matte hues are perfect autumn shades, and I'm really looking forward to the red and green for winter too!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

There are six shades in this collection. As described by Zoya they are:
  • Dovima - Shimmering Black MatteVelvet
  • Posh - Shimmering Crimson MatteVelvet
  • Harlow - Shimmering Wine MatteVelvet
  • Savita - Shimmering Plum MatteVelvet
  • Veruschka - Shimmering Evergreen MatteVelvet
  • Loredana - Shimmering Gunmetal Gray MatteVelvet

Harlow is described as a shimmery wine color. To me, it's more purple than wine, but it's gorgeous either way. Harlow is very shimmery with silver flecks, and they give a really interesting shine when the polish dries matte. It looks super shimmery when the polish is still wet though, so if you'd prefer the wet or glossy look, you can apply a normal topcoat to bring the shimmer out even more! I used two coats of Harlow.

Savita is a little more my style, especially for fall. It is described as a shimmery plum, but to me this is more of a shimmery violet or almost indigo. Like Harlow, Savita is even more shimmery when wet, so if you'd prefer the super shimmery version, you can always apply a normal topcoat. However, the shimmer is still gorgeous with the matte finish, and I like how this shimmer is more reddish than just silver. I used two coats of Savita.

Dovima is a shimmery black shade, almost a very deep gray or gunmetal. I am really loving this one as it is not as boring as a normal matte black, but it is not too shimmery or overly eye-catching. The shimmery flecks in it are almost bluish, and it is just an all-around unique polish. I only applied two coats so I can see some ridges in my nails, but that's just user error/my nails. I would recommend using a coat or two of base coat before applying Dovima.

Loredana is much lighter and brighter than Dovima. Side-by-side in the bottles, they don't appear wildly different, but Loredana is much more shimmery on the nail. Even after drying matte, the shimmer remains much more noticeable in this polish compared to the others. I didn't have as much of a problem with ridges showing through, and just two coats of Loredana did the trick.

Veruschka is actually one of my favorites in this collection. It is a gorgeous forest green, and will definitely carry over for winter use well. It reminds me of an evergreen tree! Still, this color is great for fall, and I think the matte effect is absolutely spot-on in this polish. I had no application issues, and two coats of Veruschka covered great.

Posh is my favorite in this collection. Reds can be very hit-or-miss for me, but this one is just wonderful. It appears pretty bright right under the light, but in most lighting for typical wear, Posh will appear darker, and more burgundy or oxblood in person. I have been test-running this particular one for a week now and it has looked darker on me the whole time - it also held up really well and didn't chip much, if at all on some nails! I applied two coats of Posh.

In general, I am very satisfied with this collection. I honestly don't have many matte polishes, but I am absolutely loving these! They apply really easily, and the matte effect starts to show really quickly as they dry. Also the matte effect is so much stronger in these than just using a matte topcoat on "normal" glossy polishes. My favorite is definitely Posh, and I am honestly impressed with how it has held up on my nails all week between work, washing dishes, etc. - especially with no typical topcoat on to protect it! I love it.

You can purchase the Zoya Matte Velvet polishes from for $9 each, or $54 for the entire collection of six. They also have a $10 matte velvet topcoat and $12 matte velvet lipstick!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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