Monday, October 6, 2014

Rainbow Honey - The Yokai

Phew, graduate school has really been consuming all of my time on top of working full time, so I've barely had any time to post on here! But with Rainbow Honey releasing three new additions to The Yokai collection, I couldn't resist setting aside a little time to share better photos of these bad boys.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

I actually posted about The Yokai almost two years ago to the day. I can't believe how quickly the past two years have gone! Unfortunately the photos in my old post make me cringe since my nails were awful then, but I keep a lot of my old photos around to show how far I've progressed!

But back to the gorgeous polishes! The first three polishes from The Yokai are Oni, Kitsune, and Kawako. These are actually the three that were sent to me two years ago, and they have held up great!  

Kawako is a gorgeous, deep midnight blue. It is supposed to be Rainbow Honey's interpretation of the Kappa, and certainly captures the essence of water and ice. The blue base is almost a dark denim blue, and with the added silver flecks, it gives the illusion of depth and definitely enough shimmer. I used two coats of Kawako for full coverage.

Oni is a dark, almost black polish that is packed with shimmer, representing the wicked and supernatural Oni. The multichromatic shimmery flecks in this polish are absolutely stunning, and they look even more amazing in person! The base is almost pitch black, but is a little on the jelly or crelly side. I used three coats of Oni for full coverage, but the extra coat really added to the depth and made it super smooth. 

Kitsune is actually my favorite of the trio, representing the fiery, nine-tailed fox. My original bottle is very neutral and has almost a tan or beige base, though photos of the new version on Rainbow Honey's site appear a little more peachy. Either way, this polish is gorgeous, and is perfect for fall - the creamy neutral base filled with brown, orange, and gold glitters reminds me of autumn and pumpkin spice! Also, Kitsune covers great for being such a light color - two coats gave me more than full coverage and plenty of glitter.

Once again I am very impressed with these polishes! Rainbow Honey manages to nail their collections every time, so I am more than excited to try out the new trio that has been added to The Yokai. I am also very impressed that these polishes are now over two years old and still retained their color, as well as their smooth formula - A+!

You can find each of these polishes in the new re-release on for $10 each (full size bottles). 
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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