Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 2014 Candy Corn Nail Art

Happy Halloween, everyone! I've been slacking a bit on the holiday nail art this year, but I thought I would do something somewhat simple yet festive this time around. So I decided to go with candy corn themed nails!

I'll keep this a little short and to-the-point since they're a little simple, but I love them! I've been wearing them all week and have gotten lots of compliments on them. My nail shape doesn't really suit the candy corn theme I suppose, but I still love the bright yet autumn colors. 

I used three polishes for these nails: Zoya Creamy, Zoya Sharon, and Zoya Purity. I began by painting each nail with a coat of Creamy to get a nice, even base going. I then carefully tried to freehand Sharon across each nail for the orange part. You can see it isn't quite perfect, but I was strapped for time and couldn't wait for it to be solid and use tape! I then did the same thing with Purity for the white tips. 

Like I said, they're pretty straightforward as far as the theme, but I'm loving them! I couldn't quite decide between spiders, graveyards, witches, cats, etc, but I'm glad I opted for something brighter and more fun this year. It's really been helping to brighten my mood! I hope everyone has a fun but safe Halloween! :)

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