Friday, October 24, 2014

Born Pretty Store - Chevron Decals

I know I've been on a Born Pretty Store kick this week, but I I'm also really glad I finally got to do some nail art! This time I have some chevron decals to easily make chevron designs.
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own.

I've really been loving Zoya's Veronica for fall, so I wanted to try to dress that color up a bit. I went with applying Rainbow Honey's Judgement Bolt over it in a chevron pattern with these chevron decals. In retrospect, I probably should have just used a plain gold polish instead of a glittery polish, but I'm still loving the finished product!

These chevron decals are pretty simple, but save so much time and effort. I went with pattern #1 from Born Pretty's site, which has slightly larger zigzags than pattern #2. They are more than wide enough for each nail, so I actually cut each strip in half to get more use out of them. I put together a mini tutorial of what I did:

I started by applying a couple coats of Zoya Veronica. After that was dry, I cut the chevron strips in half, and applied a couple to each nail, leaving enough space between them to make the lines about even.

I then applied a couple generous coats of Rainbow Honey Judgement Bolt over the decals. It looks really messy here, but hey that's what the decals are for! Unfortunately it took more of this polish to build up than I thought, so I sort of wish I used just a normal gold polish instead of glitter, or at least a coat of opaque gold and then a layer of glitter. Ah well, next time!

After applying the glitter, I carefully peeled off each chevron strip. You can see below before I applied topcoat and finished it off, that it wasn't perfect, but the lines were still pretty clean. I feel like I waited a little too long after applying Judgement Bolt to remove the strips, so don't wait until it's practically dry to peel them off! Otherwise, another tip would be to carefully peel them off with tweezers, and sort of follow the zigzag pattern for the direction you're pulling.

After this photo, I applied a generous layer of Seche Vite topcoat to fill in the gaps, and you can see the finished product at the top of this post. The pattern is very eye-catching, and I will definitely be using the decals for more designs! I didn't even use half of the stickers, so I have enough for at least one more full manicure. I feel like while it was just user error with the thick glitter not turning out perfect, these decals work way better than normal Scotch tape for me. I will be ordering a few more sheets myself!

If you would like to purchase these chevron decals, they have a couple different sizes to choose from on Born Pretty's site:
Each sheet is currently $1.58, but you definitely get more than one use out of each sheet. And as always, they have free shipping worldwide! Don't forget to use code BCL91 for 10% off of your order too!
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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