Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zoya - Ignite Collection

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited for fall collections! While I love spring's pastels and summer's brights, I really love the deep, rich shades that come with fall. Zoya's fall 2014 Ignite collection is just perfect for this!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

The Ignite collection consists of six shimmering liquid metallics.
  • Autumn: Varnished Copper Liquid Metal
  • India: Deep Red Gold Liquid Metal
  • Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper Liquid Metal
  • Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold Liquid Metal
  • Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal
  • Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal

 Autumn is aptly named, since it is a gorgeous, shimmery copper shade for fall. It looks quite orange at first glance, but the metallic gold flecks bring a whole new life to it. The shimmery gold bits really catch the light and illuminate this polish!
I applied two generous coats of Autumn.

India is a gorgeous reddish plum, and is my favorite from this collection. Zoya calls this one a "deep red," and while it is red-ish, it's really quite plum-colored to me. But I'm okay with this, since I really love plum shades for fall, although I'm not a huge fan of purples. However this shade is just perfect. The shimmer in India appears many colors as opposed to just gold. You can see in the out-of-focus parts that it looks gold, red, orange, and purple. It's quite the stunner!
I used two coats of India.

Teigen is a beautiful magenta shimmer, and is lighter than India. While Zoya calls this one a "violet plum," I can't help but think of this one as more of a "plum magenta." Either way, the shade is beautiful, and is another gorgeous option for your various plum shades for fall. While indeed lighter than India, Teigen is also not quite as bright as my photos show. This one photographs a little bright, but it also darkens with a few coats. If you're into plum shades though, I'd highly recommend both!
I used two coats of Teigen.

 Sansa is a very deep eggplant purple that is also a little difficult to photograph. This polish is gorgeous and really no photos can do it justice! It is very dark though, so if you're afraid of it being a little too deep, you might want to give it a miss. However, if you're into very dark purples, this one is for you! Sansa has an amazing gold shimmer, and it really contrasts with the deep purple. In the light, the shimmery flecks go between gold, yellow, and even green. It would be perfect for Mardi Gras too!
I used two coats of Sansa.

Remy is another polish that is just difficult to photograph. I wish cameras (even with loads of settings) could "see" colors and shimmers the same way our eyes do! But in the meantime, you'll just have to believe me that this shade is incredible. Remy is a very deep indigo shade, and it teeters between blue and almost purple when you look at it in the bottle. It has a gold shimmer that makes parts of it also appear almost green, and it gives an amazing mystic shimmer that just does not show in these photos! Honestly, it is incredible, and while I am a blue and green nail polish addict, I don't think I have another polish like this in my collection.
I used one coat of Remy. (Yes, it's a one-coater and is very opaque!)

Yuna is a very subtle shade compared to some of the others, but I love it. While the gray shade may seem very muted next to the bright orange copper or the rich plums, this polish is really beautiful with the gold shimmer. The gray itself is almost a blue-gray, and is very cool-toned. It contrasts wonderfully with the very warm-toned gold shimmer, and really gives a nice depth to the polish.
I used two coats of Yuna.

Once again, I am very impressed with these polishes, and wish I could show how just how incredible the shimmer really is in person. But if you are a fan of fall shades and especially fall shimmers, I would not want to pass up this collection, especially Autumn, India, and Teigen!

The full Ignite collection is available on, and each full size bottle is $9.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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