Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Firmoo - Blue Tortoise Sunglasses

I have another unique, non-polish post! I don't do these very often, but thought this would be a fun product to share with you all - some stylish sunglasses!
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

I was asked by Firmoo to review some glasses, but since I don't wear prescription glasses, I opted for some non-prescription sunglasses. But you can get either glasses or sunglasses, either prescription or not, with any frames from Firmoo

I finally settled on these tortoise and blue sunglasses after much debate - Firmoo honestly has a great selection and it was really hard to just choose one frame! For the quality and affordability though, I will probably be back for more anyway.

If you're opting to purchase sunglasses, you also get to choose the lens color! I had the option of gray, brown, blue, and green - and within each of those, you can get light, medium, or dark. I chose dark gray, but it was a toss-up between gray and brown!

I think the gray goes well with these frames, since they're not the typical brown tortoise pattern. The frames are partially transparent plastic, and are a great mixture of black, brown, orange, amber, and even dark blue! The bottom around the lenses is a much brighter blue, and really catches the light.

The side accent is silver metal, and while it looks dark in the above photo, it's very reflective. It will shine silver and reflect gold and just all around accent the frames very well.

Along with your glasses, you also get some great accessories. I was excited about the case since it is actually a very nice, sturdy hard case. It also comes with a cleaning cloth (above), as well as a soft case/pouch (below) and even a mini screwdriver to tighten the screws! 

I actually don't think I'll be using the screwdriver too much, since the hinges are actually very nice quality. But it's a great option to easily tighten them just in case!

All around, I'm very impressed with these sunglasses. I've been wearing them frequently, and they get plenty of use in sunny Florida during summer! They are very stylish and while I chose very dark lenses, they are perfect for seeing when walking or driving. I was afraid they might be a little too dark, but they're not - I love them! 

I would highly recommend these sunglasses - I love the shape, style, color, fit, and lenses! I will definitely be returning to Firmoo in the future myself.

If you are interested in this specific pair, you can find it here: http://www.firmoo.com/prescription-sunglasses-p-2504.html
And if not, there's plenty of other sunglasses or glasses, for both men and women on Firmoo.com!
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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