Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Crystal

Well I've certainly been busy with graduate school, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use this polish! It is quite possibly one of the most sparkly glitter topcoats I have ever seen.

Crystal is the limited edition polish for the month of August from Rainbow Honey, and I'm so glad I grabbed it! It has a clear base that has a pinkish-purple shimmer to it. There are all sorts of large, holographic glitter pieces, such as hearts, diamonds, stars, moons, and hexes. There is also plenty of fine microglitter to fill in the gaps!

I didn't want to apply Crystal over just black, but I did want the shimmer to show up on sort of a dark color. So, I applied it over Sinful Colors Smokin, which is a pretty deep gray creme. It's almost crazy how this much shimmer came from Crystal since Smokin is just a flat creme! Also, I used one coat of Crystal and got plenty of glitter.

You can see how all of the glitter, and even the shimmer in the base, really catch the light. I showed it both in and out of focus so you could see just how intense the holographic glitters are. It's really stunning on the nail!

Although I used just one coat, I did apply it a bit generously. However, I didn't have to fish for glitter, and I got a nice variety of shapes without even trying. It is a little chunky though, so dab it around instead of brushing it on if it seems a little thick.

I'm really happy with this polish, and can't wait to see how it looks over more colors now! Good news: it looks like it is still currently available from Rainbow Honey's website right now too! Grab it while you can :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zoya - Ignite Collection

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited for fall collections! While I love spring's pastels and summer's brights, I really love the deep, rich shades that come with fall. Zoya's fall 2014 Ignite collection is just perfect for this!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

The Ignite collection consists of six shimmering liquid metallics.
  • Autumn: Varnished Copper Liquid Metal
  • India: Deep Red Gold Liquid Metal
  • Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper Liquid Metal
  • Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold Liquid Metal
  • Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal
  • Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal

 Autumn is aptly named, since it is a gorgeous, shimmery copper shade for fall. It looks quite orange at first glance, but the metallic gold flecks bring a whole new life to it. The shimmery gold bits really catch the light and illuminate this polish!
I applied two generous coats of Autumn.

India is a gorgeous reddish plum, and is my favorite from this collection. Zoya calls this one a "deep red," and while it is red-ish, it's really quite plum-colored to me. But I'm okay with this, since I really love plum shades for fall, although I'm not a huge fan of purples. However this shade is just perfect. The shimmer in India appears many colors as opposed to just gold. You can see in the out-of-focus parts that it looks gold, red, orange, and purple. It's quite the stunner!
I used two coats of India.

Teigen is a beautiful magenta shimmer, and is lighter than India. While Zoya calls this one a "violet plum," I can't help but think of this one as more of a "plum magenta." Either way, the shade is beautiful, and is another gorgeous option for your various plum shades for fall. While indeed lighter than India, Teigen is also not quite as bright as my photos show. This one photographs a little bright, but it also darkens with a few coats. If you're into plum shades though, I'd highly recommend both!
I used two coats of Teigen.

 Sansa is a very deep eggplant purple that is also a little difficult to photograph. This polish is gorgeous and really no photos can do it justice! It is very dark though, so if you're afraid of it being a little too deep, you might want to give it a miss. However, if you're into very dark purples, this one is for you! Sansa has an amazing gold shimmer, and it really contrasts with the deep purple. In the light, the shimmery flecks go between gold, yellow, and even green. It would be perfect for Mardi Gras too!
I used two coats of Sansa.

Remy is another polish that is just difficult to photograph. I wish cameras (even with loads of settings) could "see" colors and shimmers the same way our eyes do! But in the meantime, you'll just have to believe me that this shade is incredible. Remy is a very deep indigo shade, and it teeters between blue and almost purple when you look at it in the bottle. It has a gold shimmer that makes parts of it also appear almost green, and it gives an amazing mystic shimmer that just does not show in these photos! Honestly, it is incredible, and while I am a blue and green nail polish addict, I don't think I have another polish like this in my collection.
I used one coat of Remy. (Yes, it's a one-coater and is very opaque!)

Yuna is a very subtle shade compared to some of the others, but I love it. While the gray shade may seem very muted next to the bright orange copper or the rich plums, this polish is really beautiful with the gold shimmer. The gray itself is almost a blue-gray, and is very cool-toned. It contrasts wonderfully with the very warm-toned gold shimmer, and really gives a nice depth to the polish.
I used two coats of Yuna.

Once again, I am very impressed with these polishes, and wish I could show how just how incredible the shimmer really is in person. But if you are a fan of fall shades and especially fall shimmers, I would not want to pass up this collection, especially Autumn, India, and Teigen!

The full Ignite collection is available on, and each full size bottle is $9.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

NailSavers - NailMates Review

I have another interesting review for you all today! Today's post is about NailMates. I never even knew these existed until recently when I was asked to try them out, and I was certainly intrigued, so I gave them a shot.
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

NailMates are a product from NailSavers which are designed to help make removing stubborn nail polish easier. Each package comes with 10 nail caps (for all 10 fingers) and 20 reusable pads. Essentially, you apply nail polish remover or acetone to the pads, put them into the caps, and then put the caps on each finger. Easy!

NailMates are designed to help remove very stubborn treatments such as gel nail polish, but also normal nail polishes or glitter nail polishes. I decided to test out how well these worked against several types of nail polishes, but also tested the same polishes against normal cotton balls, which are what I usually use to remove nail polishes. 

I used quite a variety of polishes! Here is each nail:
  • Thumb: creme
  • Index: creme with glitter topcoat
  • Middle: shimmer
  • Ring: crelly with some glitter
  • Pinkie: jelly with lots of glitter
I applied three coats of polish to each nail, and even added a topcoat. I waited for everything to dry completely before testing, so it would be more like trying to remove nail polish that I had worn for a while. First up: cotton balls! Note these are not the NailMates pads!

I usually use cotton balls with nail polish remover (such as Zoya Remove+) and let them sit on each nail for a while, anywhere between a few seconds to loosen up cremes, and five minutes or so to loosen up glitter polishes. I loaded up each cotton ball (or half a cotton ball for each nail) and let them sit for five minutes on all nails.

After five minutes, I removed each cotton ball. You can see that it removed the creme almost entirely, but the shimmer polish and especially the glitter polishes were much more stubborn. I removed them completely after that and then applied the same polishes again:
  • Thumb: creme
  • Index: creme with glitter topcoat
  • Middle: shimmer
  • Ring: crelly with some glitter
  • Pinkie: jelly with lots of glitter
I was silly and didn't get a photo of the second application before going at it. But I applied the same polishes and let them dry completely for the same amount of time. Now it's time for the NailMates and the pads!

I loaded up each reusable pad with the same nail polish remover, Zoya Remove+. The pads say to use pure acetone, but I would only use that for removing gel polish, as I avoid using pure acetone and letting it sit on my nails and skin. The pads fit right into each cap, and then each cap fit right onto my fingers easily. You can see they're a little big for my hands and fingers, but they stayed snugly in place and did not move around or fall off at all. They were comfortable and weren't loose or tight.

I let them sit for five minutes on each nail and then removed the pads. You can see that they removed the glitter polishes much better, and got most of the shimmer. I feel like the pads are way better at removing glitter polishes than cotton balls are, but for cremes and even the shimmer, it's almost a little overkill! I suppose the reason for the NailMates pads removing everything better is that they help distribute the liquid more evenly than cotton balls, and also require way less acetone or remover.

The pads definitely showed the polishes that were removed, and I was able to clean up the pads a bit with pure acetone. They were a little tricky to clean though, so honestly I'm not terribly impressed with the pads myself. However, the caps themselves are genius and can work with even normal cotton balls! At least you can also get replacement pads, since those work so much better than the actual cotton balls. These ones were sort of long too, so you might even be able to cut them in half and get twice as many pads/uses out of them!

I actually used the caps with Remove+ and normal cotton balls to remove a very chunky glitter polish, and they worked very well. It was a great combination since I feel like the caps are what really make the difference, and then I could easily dispose of the glittery cotton balls afterward. And while I'm still using cotton balls, I don't have to waste aluminum foil or deal with the sharp edges from it! But even so, I might pick up more of the pads.

In general, I quite enjoy this product. The caps are so simple but so useful, and I will be using them plenty in the future! You can find these NailMates caps and pads on the NailMates website:

Product sent for review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Firmoo - Blue Tortoise Sunglasses

I have another unique, non-polish post! I don't do these very often, but thought this would be a fun product to share with you all - some stylish sunglasses!
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

I was asked by Firmoo to review some glasses, but since I don't wear prescription glasses, I opted for some non-prescription sunglasses. But you can get either glasses or sunglasses, either prescription or not, with any frames from Firmoo

I finally settled on these tortoise and blue sunglasses after much debate - Firmoo honestly has a great selection and it was really hard to just choose one frame! For the quality and affordability though, I will probably be back for more anyway.

If you're opting to purchase sunglasses, you also get to choose the lens color! I had the option of gray, brown, blue, and green - and within each of those, you can get light, medium, or dark. I chose dark gray, but it was a toss-up between gray and brown!

I think the gray goes well with these frames, since they're not the typical brown tortoise pattern. The frames are partially transparent plastic, and are a great mixture of black, brown, orange, amber, and even dark blue! The bottom around the lenses is a much brighter blue, and really catches the light.

The side accent is silver metal, and while it looks dark in the above photo, it's very reflective. It will shine silver and reflect gold and just all around accent the frames very well.

Along with your glasses, you also get some great accessories. I was excited about the case since it is actually a very nice, sturdy hard case. It also comes with a cleaning cloth (above), as well as a soft case/pouch (below) and even a mini screwdriver to tighten the screws! 

I actually don't think I'll be using the screwdriver too much, since the hinges are actually very nice quality. But it's a great option to easily tighten them just in case!

All around, I'm very impressed with these sunglasses. I've been wearing them frequently, and they get plenty of use in sunny Florida during summer! They are very stylish and while I chose very dark lenses, they are perfect for seeing when walking or driving. I was afraid they might be a little too dark, but they're not - I love them! 

I would highly recommend these sunglasses - I love the shape, style, color, fit, and lenses! I will definitely be returning to Firmoo in the future myself.

If you are interested in this specific pair, you can find it here:
And if not, there's plenty of other sunglasses or glasses, for both men and women on!
Product sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zoya - Naturel Deux (2)

I have another wonderful Zoya collection to share with you all! This one is the Naturel Deux collection, or Naturel 2. You may remember the first Naturel collection which was released for spring earlier this year. Well this is pretty much a deeper, richer, more fall-friendly version!
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

From left to right, the colors are:
  • Madeline: Muted Rose
  • Aubrey: Medium Mauve Cream 
  • Marnie: Deep Warm Plum 
  • Emilia: Dark Chocolate 
  • Chanelle: Toasted Almond
  • Spencer: Camel Cream

Madeline is the lightest of the three purple shades. Like the first Naturel collection with its orchid tones, Madeline is a gorgeous purple. I think it's actually lighter than Odette from the Naturel collection, but more of a muted tone than Odette. I used two coats of Madeline and had great coverage! It also goes well with just about any skin tone, and it appears more neutral on the nail than in the bottle.

Aubrey is the middle of the three purple shades, and is gorgeous. I love plum shades, and this one is just perfect! It isn't too light or too dark, and is somewhat neutral so it blends with skin tones wonderfully. One reason I don't wear purple polish too often is because it contrasts with my skin in a strange way (to me at least), but this one complements it much better! I used two coats of Aubrey and got full coverage.

Marnie is the deepest purple of the three, and is somewhat of a deep plum. I personally prefer Aubrey over Marnie since it contrasts a little less with my skin tone (I don't wear as many super deep or dark colored polishes anymore), but I'm also very pale - it would look great on darker skin tones! This is another polish that is also a little different on the nail than in the bottle. I think it looks a little more muted in the bottle, but is deeper and more bold on the nail. I used two coats of Marnie and got full coverage.

Emilia is the deepest of the three brown shades. This is another one that's a little dark for my skin tone, but would complement darker skin tones much better. This one is also slightly less "green" as my photos sort of show, and is a little warmer in color. Still, Emilia is a very rich, deep chocolate brown. For how dark this shade is, I'm surprised it didn't cover a little better, but two coats still did the trick. If you apply thin coats, you might want to aim for three with Emilia though!

Chanelle is the middle of the three brown shades. It's described as "toasted almond," but it's almost like a rich caramel color to me. Like Emilia, Chanelle is a little warmer looking in person. I'm not typically into brown polishes, but I quite like this shade! It's neutral without being too nude, and will match lots of tan clothing and accessories I have. Two coats of Chanelle got me full coverage.

Spencer is the lightest of the three brown shades. Like Emilia and Chanelle above, this is another one that appears a little warmer in person. I suppose they all appear a bit different depending on the surrounding skin tone of the individual wearing them too! I quite like how Spencer is a pretty nude shade, but isn't too light. Even for my skin tone, I like how it isn't as white based, and is more brownish-tan for fall. For how light this polish is, I was surprised that two coats got me perfect coverage! Spencer is very opaque.

Like the Naturel collection, I'm really liking Naturel Deux! They are perfect shades for fall and still carry on this year's radiant orchid theme. I think Aubrey and Spencer are my favorites! I also love how different these polishes look on various skin tones since they're so neutral themselves.
If you would like to purchase the Naturel Deux collection, each full size bottle is $9 from, or $54 for the whole set!  
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.