Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Petit Four

A while back, I got this gorgeous polish from Rainbow Honey. It's a beautiful combination of colors, and it's both light and springy but also bright and summery. So I decided to try it out!

The polish is called Petit Four, and I received it in a full size mystery bag that I purchased from Rainbow Honey. The polish is a creamy pale yellow base with a bit of shimmer, along with large reddish squares, medium reddish and turquoise hexes, and even some tinier bits of glitter.

I didn't get too many of the large pieces of glitter onto my nails, but I did get a variety of the smaller pieces inside. You can see I mostly ended up with medium and small hexes on each nail.

I applied two coats of Petit Four, but probably could have used a third, or should have applied it over a base color. The polish covers great for a pale yellow cream though, I just didn't apply very thick coats! But it covered nicely, and since it's not super opaque, it adds a little depth where you can see the glitter in the first coat.

I'm very happy with this polish! Unfortunately I don't think you can purchase this one on its own right now, but you can still buy some of the previous mystery bags that it came in! Mystery bags can be purchased at

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