Monday, July 7, 2014

Dance Legend - 603 Topcoat

So you might remember that not too long ago, I tried out my first Dance Legend polish, Wazowski. Well I have another great polish from Dance Legend, but from a different collection! This one is a topcoat, number 603.

Since this polish is a topcoat, I applied it over a deep purple metallic base. I was going to apply it over just black, but I figured the metallic purplish-blue would add to the depth and crazy "spacey-ness" of it. The base color I used it Pop Beauty Midnight Minx.

The 603 Topcoat itself may have a name, but most of the bottle is in Russian, so I'm actually not sure! So I'll be referring to it as 603. 603 is a flakie topcoat. It has a clear base, and is made up of mostly three different colored flakies. I used one good coat in these photos.

The flakies inside of it are gorgeous - there are reddish-based flakies, as well as blue-based and green-based. All together, you get quite the spectrum of shiny colors. You can see how the reddish ones (almost like Essie Shine of the Times) turn yellow and greenish, while the blue flakies turn almost purple. Altogether, this is almost a dupe of Cult Nails Unicorn Puke.

At some angles it's difficult to tell which flakies are giving which colors, but between them all, you pretty much have the whole rainbow covered! I am in love with this topcoat and just can't get stop looking at it. I'm impressed and can't wait to try it over other colors!

You can purchase 603 directly from Dance Legend through their official website:
The 603 topcoat itself is $9.00 for a full size bottle (larger than Wazowski):


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