Saturday, May 24, 2014

Zoya - Tickled Collection

I don't know about where you are, but it sure feels like summer down in Florida! With high temperatures in the 90s and even 100s, all I can think of is barbeques, beaches, and bright colors! I got to try out the Zoya Tickled collection at the perfect time.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

The Tickled collection is made up of six brightly colored cremes. From left to right they are:
  • Rocha: Folly Red Cream
  • Wendy: Tickle Pink Cream
  •  Kitridge: Carnation Pink Cream
  •  Rooney: Hollywood Pink Cream
  • Ling: True Blue Cream
  • Tilda: Mantis Green Cream
I'll start off by saying that bright colors photograph a little strange for me! My skin tone may look a bit off, but I tried to get the colors of the polish to be as true as possible.My camera and light setup aren't perfect, but I tried to focus on the polish colors.

Rocha is an amazing bright red-orange creme. This is the only one in the collection that has a very subtle goldish shimmer to it while the others are all flat cremes. It looks super neon in these photos, but it really depends on the light for this polish. It can appear very bright neon orange, or a deeper burnt red-orange. Either way I am loving it and I think Rocha may be my favorite in the whole collection! I used two coats of Rocha and got amazing coverage with no streaks.

Wendy is an amazing color as well. Well, they all are, but I'm just particularly liking this shade! I'm a little partial to corals and similar tones though. Wendy appears pretty pink in the bottle, but looked a little warmer and more coral on my nails. It photographed slightly more coral-orange than it really is, so it might be more on the pink side to you in person. Either way, it is gorgeous! Two coats gave me full coverage and no streaks.

Kitridge is a lovely carnation pink. It's almost like a pastel neon! The color is light and delicate, but still very bright and bold for summer. Yes, I did get some streaks with Kitridge, but it's mostly my fault for only using two coats. While the others covered great in just two coats, I would recommend three thin coats for this one (or two more generous coats), so you don't get thin spots like I did! Still, it covers well for being a light color.

Rooney is an interesting shade for summer. It looks pretty deep inside the bottle, but also brightens up a bit on the nail. My camera made this one appear a bit more neon than it really is, as in person it's a little more on the subdued orchid side. Still, it's a beautiful purple-pink, falling somewhere between the two. I love this color and I think it will help carry from summer into fall well! (Remember, it's not quite this bright in person!) I used two coats of Rooney and got full coverage.

Ling is a beautiful blue. I am a huge fans of blues and greens, and I have to say that this one is absolutely stunning. It is both bright and bold, without being too neon. This color is great for summer but will also be wonderful all year long! It applied very smoothly and I didn't have an issue with streaks at all. I used two coats of Ling for these photos.

Tilda is a unique green. Like blues, I also have more than several shades of green.  However, while Tilda looks like another Nickelodeon slime green at first glance, it's more unique. Like Ling, it's bright without being too neon, and is actually a little more subdued in person. The shade itself is really fresh feeling, and reminds me of grassy summer fields! I used two coats of Tilda and got great coverage with no streaks.

In general, I'm impressed by yet another collection from Zoya! I love how their polishes are consistently such great quality and almost always cover in just two coats. The color selection is also amazing! This time around, Rocha really caught my eye. 

If you would like to purchase polishes from the Tickled collection, they are $9 each for a full size bottle or $54 for the entire collection on

Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 


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