Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shimmer Polish - Tammy, Courtney, Eva, Kim, and Nichole!

It's been a while since I shared some amazing indie polishes with you (aside from Rainbow Honey!), so I've got quite a few lined up for you today, all from Shimmer Polish. These polishes aren't part of a particular collection, but I wanted to share them all together anyway.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

Shimmer Polish makes some gorgeous polishes. Like the name suggests, they are certainly shimmery, full of plenty of glitter! Even in the bottle they are stunning - lots of holographic glitters are used, mostly very fine holographic glitter, so they're very eye-catching without being overdone. The five I have today are (from left to right): Tammy, Courtney, Eva, Kim, and Nichole.

To start with: Tammy. Tammy was one of the more eye-catching ones to me, mostly because it's very unique to me. I haven't had a polish before that was mostly purple, gold, silver, and black glitter! It reminds me a little of Mardi Gras, or even my high school colors, purple and gold.

The glitter in this is dense, and if you wanted to get complete coverage to achieve a look like how it appears in the bottle, you'd probably want to use a few coats. I used two coats over Zoya Brookyln, so you could see some of the pieces of glitter alone better. Application was super smooth and I got plenty of glitter without even trying.

Courtney is another very eye-catching polish, but in a different way. At first glance I thought the bottle was mostly just red and blue, but upon closer inspection, it contains quite the rainbow of glitter! There are medium blue hexes along with smaller red hexes. There are bright flecks of purple, gold, and green as well.

The base in this one isn't clear - it's actually tinted slightly red. I applied this over the same gold as before (Zoya Brooklyn) and you can see how it transformed it into a rose gold color! If you applied it alone, the reddish jelly base would look pinkish, and you could probably work it up to a fuller opacity with a few coats. I used two coats of Courtney and had no issues with application - plenty of glitter!

Eva is a little different from the other four polishes. Eva is a deep red jelly base with lots of smaller glitter. There are no medium or large glitters in it, just the same tiny pieces throughout. The glitters look silvery and black, and make for an interesting look paired with the red. Since its a jelly, it also has a very nice depth to it.

I used two coats of Eva with no polish underneath. It built up very easily, but you can still appreciate the jelly depth and effect. One coat almost covered completely, and two looks amazing! I love this reddish, cranberry shade.

Kim is yet another stunner. This polish reminds me of icy, wintery tones, so it's a nice change from all the warm, summery colors I've been seeing recently. Kim has a clear base and is made up of silver, blue, and purple glitters. There are medium hex glitters in blue and silver, and smaller pieces in various shades of blue and purple. The holographic flecks in this one really shine too!

I applied two coats of Kim over Essie No Place Like Chrome. Like Tammy and Courtney, you could probably get full glitter coverage with a few coats. However I left it as two coats over a base polish, and I love the resulting look.

Last but not least: Nichole. Nichole is a polish that I got at the perfect time - just in time for Memorial Day this month, and also the 4th of July! I feel like this polish is very patriotic with the red, blue, and silver glitters. But even if it's not patriotic, the contrast between the bright blue and vivid red certainly call for attention.

I applied two coats of Nichole over one coat of Essie No Place Like Chrome. The blue and red really stand out, but unfortunately some of the silvery glitters got a bit lost over the silver base. I'll have to try it over black or white next time! Application was a breeze though, and both coats went on very easily.

In general, I'm very impressed with these polishes. They are packed with glitter, and you get so much on the nail so easily with a single coat. They're also easy to build up if you want a serious glitter bomb!

You can purchase Shimmer Polish polishes from, or you can also purchase from their Etsy store: All full size polishes are $12 per bottle.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.


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