Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Poffin Party

I was feeling in the mood for something bright and colorful on my nails, and I think I found the perfect solution! While spring just started not too long ago, I'm already itching for some bright summery colors. But I do love pastels, so I thought I'd mix the two together!

I decided to go with China Glaze Highlight of My Summer as a base, which is one of my favorite polishes. I love this color because it's what I describe as a neon pastel. It's almost like a very bright mint, but in some light it's more yellow-toned and looked more neon green. Either way, it's bright and gorgeous!

I also got a mini of a Rainbow Honey polish not too long ago called Poffin Party. This has since been released as a full size polish included in their limited edition set for the month of April. I'm so glad a full size is now available because it's amazing! It's filled with colorful glitter - mostly circles among some pink squares.

I love this combination! Poffin Party almost reminds me of Funfetti cupcakes and sprinkles with the circular glitter. The circles are quite large and are green, yellow, orange, and pink. There are also some smaller circles in light blue and a light spring green. The base even has some shimmery flecks in it which made all of my nails look sparkly! Highlight of My Summer alone is just a creme with no shimmer. 

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