Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rainbow Honey - Charaxes and Diamond Dust

I have been addicted to Rainbow Honey polishes recently, but I just can't get enough of them! All of their new releases are just amazing. From their recent Midnight Garden collection, I used Charaxes topped with Diamond Dust as an accent, which was a monthly limited edition polish months ago. 

Charaxes is just a stunning shade of blue. I'm typically drawn to lots of blues and greens, so I have a lot of both. And while I have a lot of blue polishes, this one is very unique in my collection! The shade is deep, yet bright. 

Charaxes is a one coater polish. I was amazed with how well it applied and covered! It is very pigmented and applied super smooth. It also left no sheer spots so I didn't have to apply a second coat! Since I knew it was going to be pretty pigmented though, I did apply a couple coats of base coat just to be sure that I wouldn't get any staining from it.

I also used Diamond Dust as an accent. I was tempted to put it over all nails, but I wanted to admire Charaxes on its own since it's just so beautiful. I think it turned out well though! Diamond Dust added a little sparkle and interest without taking too much away from Charaxes.

Both Charaxes and Diamond Dust are still currently available from for $10 each (full size).

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