Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter 2014 Nail Art

Happy Easter, to all those celebrating! And for everybody else, Happy Spring! Both Easter and springtime make me crave pastel colors and cute, dainty designs, so I tried to mix them together a bit without it being too bland.

I used colors that are sort of light, springy, and pastel, but a bit brighter. I also wanted them to be a little darker so the white designs would contrast better as well.

For my colors, I used Rainbow Honey Viola (purple), Tayabak (green), and Cymbidium (pink), along with China Glaze White on White for the designs. Viola is a bit less bluish-purple in person, and is a little brighter, but it's close in these photos!

I wanted to do a bit of a sponge gradient, so I started by painted all of my nails purple with Viola. I then sponged on Tayabak with a makeup sponge, and when that way dry, I sponged on Cymbidium toward the tips. While the effect isn't exactly a gradient with my contrasting color choices, it almost looks like speckled or watercolored Easter eggs, so I like it! 

When the sponged colors were dry, I freehanded some white zigzags and also added some dots with a dotting tool. While the zigzags aren't as perfect as they would have been with decals, tape, or a stamp, I like it! I usually don't mind if the outcome is a little off, as long as it was fun to do! 

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