Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zoya Magical PixieDust

As usual, Zoya has been releasing amazing collections! I'm always wowed by both their colors and formulas, and they're always on top of what colors and trends are hot. While people may be a little used to the idea of textured polishes now, I don't think the trend is dying yet. And to help keep it alive, Zoya released these amazing Magical Pixies.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 
There are only three in this mini collection:
  • Cosmo - Silver Crystal Sparkle
  • Vega - Blue Opal Sparkle
  • Lux - Rose Quartz Sparkle 
All three are textured PixieDust polishes with "Mega Hex Iridescent Particles." All of them also cover completely - they are not topcoats!

First up is Cosmo. I think the name is fitting for this polish - it makes me think of the cosmos! The large hexes shine like stars. I was immediately impressed with this polish. One coat was a little sparse, but the second made it almost completely opaque - all with glitter! This is truly an amazing glitter bomb polish.

Cosmo is very textured though. While I love textured polishes, both the look and feel, sometimes it can be a little intense and snag clothing though. I applied one quick coat of a thin topcoat (not a thick one like Seche Vite)and it helped fill in the gaps a little, while keeping it textured to the touch after drying. It soaked the topcoat right up!

Vega is another stunner. It looks pretty silvery-blue or grayish-blue in the bottle, but it appears a little more blue next to my skin. I don't think the holographic hexes in this one catch the light quite as much as they do in Cosmo, but it's close! Vega is super sparkly under any light, both natural and artificial. 

Two coats gave me full coverage with Vega. I did not apply any "undies" or any layer of polish underneath. I'm impressed with how two coats doesn't leave any gaps! 

Lux is another one that looks a little different next to skin than in the bottle. It looks pretty pinkish in the bottle, almost like a dusty rose color. On skin, it still remains pretty pink, but it blends with my skin - it almost makes it look more like a nude! Either way, this color is gorgeous. 

Like Vega, I don't think the holographic bits are as intense as in Cosmo, but they're still super shiny! Two coats gave me full coverage with Lux just like the other two as well. 

I'm very impressed by these three polishes! Like any Zoyas, I got full coverage in two coats. I just think it'd crazy how there is so much glitter for it to cover so well! I love it. I will definitely be getting good use out of these polishes, especially for accent nails.

You can purchase Zoya's Magical Pixies from for $10 each.
Products sent for review, all opinions are my own. 

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