Monday, March 31, 2014

Zoya - Dillon and Cosmo

You may have seen me post about Zoya's Magical PixieDust and also Zoya's spring Awaken collection. Both are gorgeous alone, but I'm finding that several of the polishes look amazing together! I was feeling in the mood for mint, so I paired Dillon from the Awaken collection with Cosmo from the Magical PixieDusts. 

Dillon is an amazing minty color. I'm a big fan of mints, teals, and aquas, and this one falls somewhere between mint and aqua for me. It's pretty light like a mint, but it's actually pretty bold at the same time. This one will bridge over to summer colors well. 

For an accent, I decided to use the Magical PixieDust Cosmo. I love this polish and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite Zoyas - I've put quite a dent in this bottle already! I applied two coats of Dillon on each nail except for the accent nail, which I applied two coats of Cosmo.

While Dillon is shimmery on its own, Cosmo is still so sparkly and shiny that it still really stands out. I actually applied it to my thumb too, and both are just stunning! I actually like wearing it as an accent more than wearing it on all nails since it's so intense. It's still certainly attention-grabbing though, even just on one or two nails.

I've already reviewed both of these, but I'll say it again: I love these polishes! Both applied super smooth and both had full coverage in two coats. These are easily two of my new favorite Zoyas. 

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  1. Just today I have purchased a bottle of Dillon (to replace an old, rubbery bottle of Kleancolor's Mermaid) and a bottle of Bar - the same formula as Cosmo which I also have and also love, but more gold than white/silver. How fortuitous to run across your post about them!


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