Saturday, March 15, 2014

Zoya Awaken Collection

Today I have a very special post to share with you all! I'm very excited about the Zoya Awaken collection since I love pastels. I also love cremes, and a couple of these polishes are gorgeous cremes. But there are plenty of shimmers and also an amazing topcoat, so check them out!
Products sent for review, all opinions are my own. 

The Awaken collection consists of six shades, but I'm also including the transforming topcoat Monet in this post. I used Monet as an accent nail on each of the following:
  • Dillon: Green Mint Shimmer Metallic
  • Rebel: Blue Sky Shimmer Metallic
  • Hudson: Purple Orchid Shimmer Metallic
  • Dot: Pink Petal Cream
  • Cole: Peach Whisper Cream
  • Brooklyn: White-Gold Shimmer Metallic

Dot is a cute, light pink creme. This is one of those colors that just screams "spring" to me. It's a perfect pastel and would be very versatile on a wide range of skin tones. 

I used two coats of Dot and got very impressive coverage! For being a light color, it covered easily and I got no streaks.  I used Monet as a topper on my accent nail, and I absolutely love how it looks over Dot. The pinks, yellows, and purples in the iridescent glitter match it perfectly, and they really stand out against a flat creme.

Brooklyn is a very unique shade to me. In the bottle, it looks pretty plain - almost like a typical light gold or champagne polish. However, on the nail, Brooklyn is entirely different. It looks much more like a pastel yellow metallic, and what shimmer it has! You can see in the photo above that it has very fine holographic flecks of green, purple, and orange in it.

I applied two coats of Brooklyn and got great coverage. However, it was a tad streaky on my index finger, but smoother on my other fingers. Apply it carefully, but be sure to not overwork it. As for Monet over Brooklyn, I think it looks very unique, but doesn't stand out as well as it did over Dot.

Hudson is a purple shimmer metallic. The shimmer in it is much more silver based, and while it catches the light, it doesn't have quite the same holographic flecks as Brooklyn.

I applied two coats of Hudson and got amazing coverage and no streaks. I'm also loving Monet over this shade! Monet doesn't stand out like it does over Dot, but it still looks amazing - it really transforms Hudson for an entirely different look.


Rebel is probably the brightest and boldest of the bunch. While the others lean much more pastel, Rebel is true to its name and stands out.  In person, it is slightly lighter than it is pictured here, but it is still between "pastel" and "bold." At least this shade will carry over into summer as well!

I applied two coats of Rebel and had no issues. The shimmery flecks in it are gorgeous and really make it shine. The holographic shimmer in it is a little more obvious than it is in Hudson, and it really gives Rebel some depth. Monet looks completely different over this shade and leans more to the yellow and green side. It makes me think of mermaid scales!

Dillon is definitely one of my favorites from the Awaken collection. I'm always a sucker for minty shades, and this one is just perfect. The shimmer in it is amazing, and leans to the silver side. Dillon is a pastel that is perfect for spring, but being minty, it's still very trendy in general! 

Two coats of Dillon did the trick, and I had absolutely no streaks with it. The Monet topper doesn't stand out too much on this shade, but it adds a little texture and interest to it.

Cole is also one of my favorites from this collection. Along with mints, I love corals and similar peachy colors too. Cole is unique to me since it is a gorgeous orange pastel, but is also pretty bright. It's almost like a pastel neon. In some light it looks a little more subdued, but in other light it looks much brighter. 

For a light colored creme, Cole covered great. Two coats covered perfectly, and I didn't get any streaking with it. I'm also loving how the Monet topcoat looks over it! Being a creme, Cole allows for Monet to stand out more as an interesting accent. The pinks, yellows, and oranges from the Monet glitter match it perfectly while adding some sparkle.

Products sent for review, all opinions are my own.

In general, I am loving the Awaken collection! As I said, I'm a fan of pastels and bright colors, especially mints, corals, and peaches. I also tend to love cremes more than shimmers, but the shimmery metallics of this collection are just stunning. They all apply wonderfully and the Monet topper makes them all even more interesting. 

You can purchase the Awaken collection from for $54, or buy each color separately for $9 each. The Monet topper is also available for $10.

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