Monday, February 17, 2014

Nail Art with Newsprint and Dried Flowers

For today's nail art, I was heavily inspired by a fellow Redditor and blogger. I found some gorgeous nail art while browsing r/redditlaqueristas that used newsprint and some dried flowers. Needless to say I was amazed by it and immediately wanted to do something similar. I haven't been feeling very inspired for nail art in a while, and this just made me think "I have to do this!" So I was very happy to finally get back into some nail art after so long.

I quickly saw the photo and didn't really look into who did them at first, but upon further inspection, it turns out the original artist is Sassy Shelly, and she did such a wonderful job on hers! Her nails are simply gorgeous. While I am so happy with how mine turned out, they are still nothing compared to her amazing work!

I hadn't really paid too close attention to the colors of the flowers she used, but apparently I ended up choosing some very similar colors for my left hand. I couldn't decide between a couple color sets though (purple, yellow, and red VS blue, light blue, and green), so I did one color set on each hand! So my right hand is also included in the photos below.

For my base color, I used two coats of Zoya Taylor, a gorgeous nude color from the Naturel collection. I love this nude and it's definitely becoming my new go-to nude shade! After both coats of Taylor were dry, I then dipped each nail (working one at a time) in rubbing alcohol for five seconds. I then applied a bit of newspaper to the nail and held for five more seconds.

I tried to scour the newspaper for a few different fonts, and I ended up finding a much scriptier font to use other than the standard Times New Roman. You can see the other font on my ring finger nail with the bright blue flower. I love how that nail turned out! The text transferred really well on this hand too - go figure, my non-dominant hand!

For the dried flowers, I ordered them a while ago so I forgot where exactly these ones came from. However, BornPrettyStore has them, and a quick search for "dried flowers" brings up a few buying options. (Also if you order from them, don't forget to use code BCL91 for 10% off your order!)

To affix the flowers, I just put a tiny dab of topcoat wherever I wanted a flower, and then carefully pressed the flowers into it. I then applied a generous layer of Seche Vite to each nail to really seal the flowers in so they last. I've been wearing these a few days now, and they're actually holding up pretty well! 


  1. What a beautiful way to use those dried flowers, love it! xx

  2. These are beautiful!!! I love the blue flowers! So happy to have inspired you! <3


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