Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year PixieDust Nails

Happy New Year! I am welcoming 2014 today in hopes that it will be a great year. 2013 certainly had its rough times for me, but toward the end it started to get much better. I'm hoping 2014 continues the upward trend!

For New Year's Eve, I wanted to do some crazy, sparkly nails. I really wanted to use some Zoya PixieDust since they're what came to mind first when I thought of sparkle! It was either that or doing a massive "glitter bomb," but I wasn't feeling chunky glitter.

Look at that sparkle, though! PixieDusts were a good choice for shimmer and shine without being too chunky. I like how sleek and elegant they look, yet so unique with the texture and glitter. As for the design, I'm not really sure what I was going for, but I knew I wanted to combine black, red, and champagne!

I used three Zoya PixieDusts: Tomoko, Chyna, and Dahlia. I started off by painting all nails with one coat of Tomoko, except for the accent nail which I used Chyna on. I then freehanded a line down the center of each nail with Dahlia. I was going to use tape for a straighter edge, but it didn't want to stick to the textured surface well enough. So some nails aren't perfect, but I think it's close enough! 

I'm loving this color combination though. I would have cleaned up around the nails a little better too, but unfortunately I was a little short on time, so my cleanup and photos were a little rushed! I'll have to experiment by combining some more PixieDusts in the future though. 
Happy New Year!