Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zoya 2014 Naturel Collection

I have a beautiful collection to share with you before the new year starts. The Zoya Naturel collection is made up of lovely neutrals and orchid shades, and orchid will definitely be big in 2014 since it's Pantone's color of the year
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

As you can see, some of my photos may be a little yellow-tinted or very warm in tone. I tried to keep them as accurate to the polish color as possible, so the background or my skin may look a bit off! But the whole collection is indeed very "warm." From left to right, the colors are:

  • Taylor - light toffee cream
  • Chantal - French vanilla cream
  • Rue - Boudoir blush cream
  • Brigitte - bombshell mauve cream
  • Normani - sable mauve cream
  • Odette - sultry maroon cream

Chantal is one of the lighter neutrals or nudes in the set. It's very similar to Taylor, but is ever so slightly lighter. While they may look very close in the bottle, they appear different on the nail, mostly depending on your skin tone around the nail. While I am very pale, they aren't quite nudes for me though since they are much more yellow-toned, but they're close! I used two coats of Chantal.

Normani is easily the darkest of the bunch. It's a very gray, subdued, neutral orchid color. I quite like it since I tend to like some grayed tones like Zoya Carey and others from the Zoya Feel Collection. Normani is perfect for the upcoming year though since it's pretty much a neutral orchid though! So you can sport this when you can't wear it's brighter counterpart. I used two coats of Normani

Odette is probably the brightest in the collection, and isn't too neutral on its own. It fits in with the subdued purples in the collection, but it is a beautiful shade of orchid on its own. I feel like this one is going to get used quite a lot in 2014! I used two coats of Odette.

Taylor is very similar to Chantal as I mentioned earlier, but I think it's a bit darker and perhaps more on the neutral side. Chantal was a little bright for my skin tone, but Taylor blends in and is a bit more of a neutral nude for me. Again, this may dependent on your skin tone, but I'm loving this one as a great nude polish for myself! I used two coats of Taylor.

Rue is also very close to being a neutral nude, despite it looking pretty purple in the bottle. On skin, it blends nicely with neutral, fleshy tones. I was surprised how subtle it looked next to my skin. I'm pretty fair-skinned and don't really have much for pink undertones when it comes to makeup, but I'll take it! Rue is a nice change from more orange, brown, or yellow toned nudes. I used two coats of Rue.

Brigitte is similar to Rue, but deeper. Since Rue blended in surprisingly well with my skin tone, Brigitte may blend in better with darker skin tones. This one is still gorgeous though, even if you're looking for it to stand out a bit more instead. It's pretty neutral so it doesn't demand too much attention, but it's a gorgeous orchid tinted shade. This one will also be getting used a lot in 2014! I used two coats of Brigitte.

In general, I am loving this collection. I am a big fan of cremes, so I love them all, but they also cover great - I used two coats of each and got amazing coverage, even with the lighter polishes like Taylor!

I'm also just loving the colors. The neutrals are great since they're subdued, but they're still exciting since pretty much the entire collection revolves around purple - orchid, specifically. I'm not typically a huge fan of purples, but these neutral shades are spot on. Plus they'll be perfect for the Pantone 2014 color of the year!

You can purchase the Naturel collection from for $9 each, or get the entire set for $54.

Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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