Saturday, December 21, 2013

Textured Snowman Nail Art

Seasons greetings, everyone! I know it isn't quite Christmas yet, but I thought I'd do some more holiday/winter nail art while I can. I haven't done too much this year, mostly just the Christmas Lights with rhinestones again (which is also a tutorial post!). So I decided to try doing a snowman instead.

Since I did the snowman nail art over a holographic polish, it's definitely a little flashy. But I like how it makes the plain background pretty exciting, and also makes it look like some shimmery snow. I also only did one little snowman accent on my ring finger, and one on my thumb. I used a couple different textured polishes for the snowmen.

I started off by painting each nail with one coat of Color Club Over the Moon. I was surprised that one coat covered so well! But I was happy since I knew I would be layering on a lot more polish. It's a little thin in a couple spots at the top, but it worked for me.

I then freehanded the tips with OPI Solitaire, and then went over that with Sally Hansen Sugar Fix. Solitaire was a little too shimmery for me, but I had hoped that a little of the sparkle would show through since Sugar Fix is just flat white. It's mostly just flat white, but I tried! I also used a large dotting tool with both Solitaire and Sugar Fix to create the snowman's body. 

I then finished up by dotting a couple eyes and buttons on the snowman, and freehanding a hat, scarf, and nose using black, red, and orange striping polishes. It's not perfect, but I love it! He makes me so happy. I didn't use a topcoat at all since the polishes dried pretty quickly, and I also wanted to feel the textured polish. 

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