Friday, December 27, 2013

Sally Hansen - Salon Effects Nail Strips Review

I've been meaning to try out some nail polish strips for a while now. I got these Sally Hansen Salon Effects ones months ago in my Target beauty box, so I figured I might as well give them a shot!

I'll say right now that I have mixed feelings about this product, but it has both good points and bad points, so I'll begin! The polish strips that I got are called Lust-rous, which looks like a black polish filled with holographic silver and gold glitter. Unfortunately the glitter is not holographic, but is just metallic. Inside the box you get:

  • Instructions
  • Nail file/buffer
  • Cuticle stick
  • 16 nail polish strips (2 packs, 8 strips each)

I apologize for accidentally taking a photo of the non-English side, but the box also boasts that the strips will last up to 10 days. I wore them for a few days, and they seemed to hold up pretty well, aside from where I had failed to apply them properly I guess. So on to the application process.

You may notice that my pinky nail looks the worst. I did that one first, and worked my way toward my thumb, so they gradually get better looking toward the index finger nail. Also the directions recommend doing the thumbs last. I opened one packet of nail strips up and it immediately smelled like real nail polish. The pack had eight strips inside, which were all super huge for my nails, mostly too long.

Each strip is pretty neat since it has two different shaped ends though - one more rounded and one more square. This makes it easier to choose which side will fit your natural cuticle shape. There are also two packs (8 strips each) since each pack is intended for a hand. Well the strips were so long that I ended up cutting most in half, and managed to get all 10 fingers done with one pack! Now I have enough to do another manicure.

Applying them was a little wonky at first. I peeled the backing off (the work just like stickers) and put one onto my pinky, but it didn't stick. So I applied some base coat to help it along. Luckily, the rest of my fingernails played nice and the strips adhered much more easily. I folded the excess over each free edge, and lightly used the supplied nail file/buffer to get rid of the excess. It worked well, except for a couple corners that immediately wanted to lift up.

You can also see that I may not have chosen wide enough strips for each nail, as there is a blank spot along the side of the ring finger nail. It doesn't look bad in person, and is barely noticeable when looking at it head-on. Also, I got better at applying them as I went on, so the middle and index fingers look almost perfect. 

Final thoughts: It was an interesting experience trying out nail strips for the first time, but it went better than expected. They also held up better than expected since I wore them for a few days with minimal wear or peeling. However, I feel like it was actually a bit of work for such a simple design (glitter on black). I wouldn't buy these if they were one solid color or something like this glittery design, but some of the more interesting patterns like hounds tooth or snakeskin I would put the effort into! 

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