Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Lifestream and Emerald Weapon

Okay, so I've been a little addicted to Rainbow Honey polishes recently. But I do owe it to some of their beautiful creations for helping me get back into doing my nails and blogging again. Rainbow Honey is easily becoming my favorite indie - I can't get enough of their stuff!

This time I decided to pair Lifestream with Emerald Weapon. A lot of the weapons from Part III make great bases for the other glitter toppers in Parts I and II. The weapons are very opaque and shimmery on their own, but the glitters just really make them pop!

Emerald Weapon is a but unique. It's definitely an emerald shade, since it often looks very green, but also looks very blue. In these photos and in the bottle, it appears pretty bluish, or somewhat teal. It looked like that a lot on my nails, but in some light, it also looked like a much brighter green! It's also very shimmery.

So I could appreciate Emerald Weapon and its beautiful shimmer, I decided to use Lifestream as just an accent and left the other nails alone. I applied it to both my thumb and ring finger nails, and it only took one coat! Lifestream is so full of both shimmer and glitter - you can see it added even more bluish green shimmer and has tons of micro glitter. There are some iridescent bar glitter pieces that may hang off your nails a little, but they're manageable and lay flat otherwise.

I really love both of these polishes! Emerald Weapon is gorgeous on its own, and Lifestream is just packed with glitter. I can't believe one coat of it covered so well! I'll have to try it over an even darker polish next time, perhaps black. 

You can still purchase polishes from Rainbow Honey's The Final Battle collection for $10 each on

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