Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Light Nail Art Tutorial

Nail It magazine recently asked me if I would do a tutorial for some Christmas light nails I did last year. You may recall me doing these, and if not, you may have seen them floating around the internet in general! While I can't take credit for the initial idea, I know this design has become very popular and I often see it shared. Well since people like it so much, I thought I'd share the tutorial here as well! And of course, here is the Nail It tutorial I submitted too.


  1. OPI Nail Envy (or any base coat)
  2. Zoya Purity (or any white polish)
  3. Seche Vite topcoat (or another topcoat)
  4. Teardrop-shaped rhinestones
  5. Green thread
  6. Small precision/beauty scissors
  7. Tweezers

First, begin by prepping your nails. Before any manicure I like to file my nails, apply cuticle oil or balm, and then apply a basecoat! My favorite is OPI Nail Envy. While my nails aren't perfect, it helps keep them relatively healthy.

Next, apply one coat of your white polish to all nails and let it dry. Don't worry if it's streaky, we'll be applying another coat along with the thread and rhinestones!

If you haven't already, start sorting out the rhinestones you are going to use. I set aside five rhinestones of each color (at least four colors). I made my left and right hands slightly different to switch it up. I also set aside 10 pieces of green sewing thread, each piece being about 1 inch long or 1.5 inches long.

Next, apply a second coat of white polish to one nail. Do one nail at a time since you'll be placing the rhinestones and thread directly into the wet polish. I created a loop with the thread on my middle finger nail and placed the "lights" around it with tweezers.

Now repeat that for the rest of your nails, again, working one nail at a time so the polish doesn't dry before you reach each nail. It's a little tedious at first, but you get used to it!

As you can see, I got a little white paint around my nails and the thread is hanging off a little. I nipped off the extra thread with my precision scissors and then cleaned up around each nail with a little acetone.

You're done! Except for the topcoat (optional).

The rhinestones really catch the light without topcoat!

Now you can decide if you want to apply topcoat or not! I've included photos with topcoat (below) and without topcoat (above) to help you decide. I love how it looks without topcoat, but I know the rhinestones just won't last as long without it, so I opted to seal them in with topcoat anyway.

You can see with topcoat it's a little messy up close, but it looks great and glossy for normal wear. If you apply topcoat, apply it generously, and don't be afraid to dab it on a little, as just trying to brush it on won't get all around the rhinestones.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope everybody has a wonderful holiday! 

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