Friday, November 29, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Tera Flame and Sapphire Weapon

I have more Rainbow Honey polishes to share with you all! I've been loving all of their collections that they have been releasing, especially this Final Fantasy inspired one - The Final Battle.

The two polishes I chose this time are Tera Flame and Sapphire Weapon. I figured one of the weapons from Part III of the Final Battle would make a great base for some of the glitter toppers from Parts I and II. Tera Flame actually has a grayish-black jelly base, but instead of building it up alone I wanted to apply it over something more opaque. 

I first applied one coat of Sapphire Weapon. I didn't even need two coats since one was pretty opaque! If I was wearing it alone, I would have applied a second. But since the streaks were hardly noticeable in one coat, and I was applying a dark jelly over it, I just left it. Though, in one coat, Sapphire Weapon was also much brighter and lighter than it appears in the bottle. It was almost cerulean!

I then applied one coat of Tera Flame over Sapphire Weapon. Since Tera Flame has such a dark jelly base, I only applied one generous coat of it. It's grayish, almost black, but it's still sheer enough that you can really appreciate the gorgeous glitters inside. It has medium hexes, smaller hexes, and holographic squares. It's really unique!

I'm glad I tried this combination out. Tera Flame darkened Sapphire Weapon perfectly, and at the same time, Sapphire Weapon lightened and brightened Tera Flame a little. I like how you can see so much shimmer from both polishes, and the deep indigo-blue color that was created from both is stunning.

In the closeup above, you can really see the shimmer! Hints of red, blue, and purple are very apparent, and then the glistening green from the holographic glitters makes it look incredible. You can still purchase polishes from The Final Battle collection from for $10 each. 

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