Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Appleberry and Cranberry Sangria

I've been trying to get back into blogging and doing my nails now, and some of Rainbow Honey's newer polishes have definitely been helping. Today I decided to try on a couple of their limited edition polishes I bought earlier this month.

Rainbow Honey put out three limited edition polishes that are pretty much cranberry colored, so I thought they'd be perfect for fall - and for Thanksgiving later this week! I haven't had much time to go too crazy with nail art, but I thought I could pull off a glitter gradient at least. 

I used two of the three limited edition polishes they released, along with a past limited polish called Soul Gem. I started off by painting my nails with two coats of Cranberry Sangria, which is a gorgeous cranberry colored jelly with shimmer inside.

For a jelly, Cranberry Sangria covered great though! I only needed two coats for it to look pretty opaque, but still "jelly-ish." It also evened itself out nicely on the nail and left absolutely no streaks. I then wanted a bit more sparkle and shimmer in between Cranberry Sangria and Appleberry, so I applied a little bit of Soul Gem on the bottom 2/3 of each nail.

I'm glad I did! It added a bit more sparkle on each nail since Appleberry is mostly just chunky glitter without much shimmer. I then applied a bit of Appleberry to the bottom 1/3 of each nail, toward the tips. It's a little overwhelming with everything on there, but at the same time, I love it! The holiday season is the perfect time to go a little crazy with glitter.

I'm glad I did this combination! I really wanted to use the third limited edition polish as well, which is called Linger, but I'll have to put it on my toes or something instead! I'm still super happy with these two, and I'm very impressed with the formulas of these Rainbow Honey polishes - like usual! Especially Cranberry Sangria though, since it covers so well for a jelly. 

You can still buy any of these three amazing polishes for $10 each at But they're all limited, so grab them while you can! 


  1. A good and thoughtful posting, can we see more along these lines?
    really great stuff
    jeux de ninja

  2. I used all 3 for my thanksgiving mani--first one coat of Cranberry Sangria. Then I added Linger about 1/3 of the way down for more shimmer and covers any VNL. Then finished off with Appleberry on the tips. LOVED THIS. I did it really quick so I don't know if my photos will come out (and messy we were running late ha) and I need to change as it's chipping but not bad for a week! I've been swatching so I didn't care so much how they looked--but really, very pretty gradient!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Matched my top perfectly!


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