Friday, October 11, 2013

Zoya Winter 2013 Zenith Collection

Hello, everyone! It's been quiet around here for a long time. I've been really busy the past month moving again, so I was on a bit of a hiatus. But I'm back, and I have quite the collection to share with you to help make up for my absence - the Zoya Winter 2013 Zenith Collection.
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

 The holiday collection is quite stunning! I like how this collection doesn't consist of the typical "Christmasy" colors like red, green, and cold. Instead, they're mostly very cool, icy colors. The polishes include:
  • Mosheen - "astro ice blue topper"
  • Seraphina - "polaris silver metallic"
  • Cassedy - "celestial pewter metallic"
  • Dream - "deep space blue with holographic glitter"
  • Payton - "galactic cranberry with holographic glitter"
  • Belinda - "cosmic purple metallic"

Mosheen is certainly unique. This is a glitter topper that's most likely meant to be applied over other polishes. The base is tinted light blue, so it would show up on its own, though it would be very sheer. Since it contains iridescent glitters, I thought it would look great over a dark color, so I applied it over Zoya Sailor, which is a creme no shimmer. So you can see how much glitter and shimmer Mosheen added itself! I applied one generous coat of Mosheen over one coat of Sailor.

Seraphina is a super shimmery silvery white.  I was surprised at how well this one covered since it's such a light color. It seemed very sheer in one coat, but turned opaque in two really nicely. I applied three thin coats just to make sure there were no thin spots though. Seraphina is definitely more silver than Zoya Ginessa, but still is almost white.

Cassedy is a beautifully complex shade.  It looks like a dark, shimmery, foily gray polish for the most part. But while wearing this one, it almost had a hint of green to it, and looked a lot lighter or darker depending on the lighting where I was. I wore it for days since I really liked it and didn't want to take it off! I applied two coats of Cassedy and got great coverage.

Dream is easily one of my favorites in this collection as well.  It reminds me of Zoya Aurora and Storm since it is a jelly base filled with holographic glitter flecks. The blue looks a little darker in the bottle, but appears a little lighter on the nail since it is a jelly. However, it isn't very sheer for being a jelly - two coats covered almost entirely! I used two coats of Dream for these photos.


Payton is very similar to Dream since it is also a jelly with holographic glitter flecks inside.  I feel like the glitter is a little more sparse in Payton though, as it doesn't seem to be quite as shimmery or glitter. But it's close! Payton still catches the light like crazy and looks beautiful. It is also a jelly, however it covers well in just two coats! I thought it was going to be very similar to Zoya Aurora, but Payton is darker and covers slightly better on its own.

Belinda is the last beautiful shade in the Zenith collection. It looks like a purple metallic in the bottle, but it is absolutely stunning on the nail.Outside the bottle, the shimmer is more apparent. It's not just shiny metallic, but it has tiny flecks that shine red and blue inside! It almost color shifts to blue as well. I love how amazing this blue violet shade is.

In general, I'm amazed by this collection. I love the colors since they're very cool, icy wintery colors without being very obvious holiday colors. I also love how they all covered great in two coats each! I did apply a third coat of Seraphina just to be sure though. I think Dream and Payton are my favorites though - Cassedy too!

I would honestly recommend snagging some of these, if not all of them, if you're eyeing them. You can order the Zenith collection from for $48, or you can purchase the polishes individually for $8 each.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.