Monday, September 9, 2013

Emily de Molly - Pyrite

Whew, I went almost a week with naked nails! I just did not have the time to stop and paint them. At least they got a break from nail polish and in turn got a break from some yellowing. But I got tired of looking at bare nails, so I wanted to dress them up!

I decided on Emily de Molly Pyrite for my nails.  Pyrite is a beautiful bluish gray polish with all sorts of neutral glitters. It's very earthy to me since it's gray like stone and has gold, copper, and silver glitters in it.

The base seemed a little sheer at first, but two coats made it look great. It covered well, but I like how it's still a little sheer to give depth with the glitters in the under layers. The base even has a gold shimmer to it. You can see I got a little shrinkage on the tips, but that's probably my fault for rushing a little and also using Seche Vite.

The glitters are a little subtle in Pyrite. Like I said, they're pretty neutral tones, but they're still beautiful. Only some pieces are holographic and turn red, green, or blue in certain light, but for the most part the glitters are just metallic. 

I like it though! Since I had bare nails all week, having something relatively neutral on was nice. I didn't want to just grab the most glittery thing I own. Pyrite is still shimmery and sparkly, but it's just the right amount. 

I purchased Pyrite from Llarowe for $13.00.


  1. This is lovely...a neutral with a little something in it going on - perfect to change up my neutral nails which I wear almost always because my nails are shorter and often not all the same lenght and neutral looks best because of all that going on with them always..I save my major colors for my toes.

  2. The gold and gray combination is always so pretty! <3


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