Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Love Nail Polish - All Gold Everything

I've been meaning to share this polish for quite some time now. For my birthday, a friend gave me my first polishes from I Love Nail Polish, and this was one of them. I tried it out, along with Candy Gram and Little Mermaid, and let's just say that I am a huge fan of ILNP polishes already!

The one I'm focusing on today is called All Gold Everything. The polish is just that - gold everything. It is a clear base filled with all sorts of gold glitters. It has large hexes, medium hexes, medium circles, and lots of holographic micro glitter.

I was really feeling the blue/gold contrast, so I applied All Gold Everything over Essie Go Overboard.  I'm really glad I did! Go Overboard is a great blue for this, and I love how the shade looks with gold on top. It's almost like a really deep teal-blue instead of a navy blue.

Go Overboard is almost a one coat polish, but I applied two just to be safe. I then applied one coat of All Gold Everything on top. I was amazing that one coat had so much glitter! It is a little thick, to be honest, but it's still very workable and makes it easy to get plenty of glitter without fishing for it. I also like it since you get less base built up on the nail, so it isn't like 2 mm thick of just clear base.

I really love it! I would highly recommend All Gold Everything if you're looking for a flashy gold glitter topcoat. I love how it has so much glitter in it! I also love how well it covers in a single coat. My bottle is a thick inside though, but a few drops of thinner made it perfect. 


  1. Yesssss!! Seriously my favorite glitter topper, and I'm not even a huge fan of gold. I think it's been discontinued, though. :(

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