Monday, August 5, 2013

B&W Nail Art Challenge - Glam & Cute

I am pretty excited for today's nails! I wasn't too crazy about the past couple designs I did for this challenge, but I'm really loving this one.

Today's theme is glam/cute, or anything black and white that has bows, bling, studs, or glitter. I really wanted to use some rhinestones for a "glam" look, but since I went with flowers, it's also sort of cute!

I wasn't really sure how I wanted to do the design. I wanted to keep most of the nails simple, but wanted to dress up the ring finger nail for a more exciting accent. I wasn't really sure of how to do it without going overboard, so I just made it match the others.


I started off by painting each nail with two coats of China Glaze White on White. Usually, I place the rhinestones right on the wet paint, but this time I didn't. Instead, I applied a topcoat and then placed the rhinestones in that. This way the white paint was nice and glossy, but wasn't applied over the rhinestones to make it look messy.

It seems to have worked pretty well! They're staying in place so far. I'm really loving the stark contrast of the black accents on the plain white polish. I'm glad I decided to keep all of the nails simple. I think the teardrop-shaped rhinestones make nice, simple leaves. And the flower rhinestones are too cute! I'll have to buy some more.

I'll have to try a similar design again in the future! I love using rhinestones, and they usually look amazing against white polish, even if they're colored.



  1. Beautiful. I love black and is so classic!

  2. Super adorable! Definitely fits the glam and cute categories! Love contrast, and good to know they're holding up well! I haven't had the privilege in using rhinestones in my nail art yet, but they look so fun! :)

    - Toria


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