Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmeres

Not too long ago I posted about one of the beautiful fall collections that Zoya has out - the 2013 Satins. Today I have the 2013 Cashmeres, which are the cremes! I'm a big fan of cremes, so I was really excited for this collection.
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

The Satins are really beautiful on their own, but I'm really feeling the fall time vibe from these Cashmeres.  The rich browns and subdued shades are perfect. From left to right:
  • Sailor - "dark navy cream"
  • Hunter - "dark sea cream"
  • Louise - "chocolate brown cream"
  • Flynn - "camel brown nude cream"
  • Pepper - "brick red cream"
  • Livingston - "fall red cream"
I also applied Maria Luisa from the Satins collection over each color as an accent nail. While it isn't part of this collection, I love how it looks over the cremes.

Sailor is a beautiful deep blue. I really love the dark, subdued shades for fall. This one is pretty pigmented and covered very well in one coat, but I applied two just to make sure it covered completely. I really love how Maria Lusia contrasts with the blue! Sailor applied great and had no streaks.



Louise is a deep chocolate brown. I actually really like browns and neutral shades, so I enjoy this color. "Chocolate" is really the best word to describe it - it looks like molten chocolate! The shade isn't too deep to the point where it looks black and it isn't too light either. I love this paired with the gold Maria Luisa topcoat.  I applied two coats of Louise.

Pepper is a deep brick red shade. I wasn't sure how much I would like this color at first, but it turned out better than I expected! In some light, it looks pretty red. At other times, it actually looks pretty brown. I am a fan of burgundy colors though, so I quite like it! It was also a nice change since while I like red, I don't typically wear red polishes. I applied two coats of Pepper and one coat of Seche Vite.

Livingston seems a little bright for collection.It's a much brighter shade of red than Pepper, but it also appears different depending on the lighting. It looks very vibrant in my lightbox and in these photos, but it's slightly deeper. Although, it does look a little brighter on the nail than in the bottle since it's almost a jelly. Livingston is pretty opaque and covers well, but it's also a little sheer and jelly-like. I used two coats and got great coverage.

Flynn is another shade that is perfect for fall. It's a camel/nude sort of color, though it also looks brown or beige. It looks a bit more sandy yellow in these photos, but in person it seems to lean more light brown to me. Either way, I really enjoy the color, and it's a nice change from the usual nude shades I use. I applied two coats of Flynn with one coat of Seche Vite.

Hunter is a perfect name for this polish. It truly is a hunter green shade, and I absolutely love it. I'm usually very drawn to blues and greens, and yet I don't think I have another polish quite this shade in my collection! It's pretty unique. While it's a deep shade, it's not as opaque as expected. Though, it still covered well in two coats. The first was a little sheer and streaky, but the second evened it out and made it perfect. I love how Maria Luisa looks over this color too.

In general, I love this collection! The colors are great for fall, and most of them are very wearable - they're deep, rich colors without being too dark or vampy. Livingston, Pepper, and Hunter will be perfect for the winter holiday season as well! 

As for the formula, these polishes are great. They're cremes that even out very easily, even without a topcoat. I got absolutely no streaks, and they covered very well in just two coats. If you love any of these colors, I would recommend grabbing them! 

You can purchase the fall 2013 Cashmeres from Each full size bottle is $8. 

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Love Nail Polish - All Gold Everything

I've been meaning to share this polish for quite some time now. For my birthday, a friend gave me my first polishes from I Love Nail Polish, and this was one of them. I tried it out, along with Candy Gram and Little Mermaid, and let's just say that I am a huge fan of ILNP polishes already!

The one I'm focusing on today is called All Gold Everything. The polish is just that - gold everything. It is a clear base filled with all sorts of gold glitters. It has large hexes, medium hexes, medium circles, and lots of holographic micro glitter.

I was really feeling the blue/gold contrast, so I applied All Gold Everything over Essie Go Overboard.  I'm really glad I did! Go Overboard is a great blue for this, and I love how the shade looks with gold on top. It's almost like a really deep teal-blue instead of a navy blue.

Go Overboard is almost a one coat polish, but I applied two just to be safe. I then applied one coat of All Gold Everything on top. I was amazing that one coat had so much glitter! It is a little thick, to be honest, but it's still very workable and makes it easy to get plenty of glitter without fishing for it. I also like it since you get less base built up on the nail, so it isn't like 2 mm thick of just clear base.

I really love it! I would highly recommend All Gold Everything if you're looking for a flashy gold glitter topcoat. I love how it has so much glitter in it! I also love how well it covers in a single coat. My bottle is a thick inside though, but a few drops of thinner made it perfect. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Orionids and Cosmic Dawn

I've been on somewhat of a Rainbow Honey binge recently. It's all I've really been buying as I've curbed my spending habits quite a bit! Then again, Rainbow Honey polishes are just amazing and I pretty much have to have them every time more are released.

I picked these up a while ago from Rainbow Honey's website. They were featured on for a while, but I managed to snag some from the remaining stock that was put on Each set came with three polishes, but I mixed them up a bit - Orionids is from the Shooting Star set and Cosmic Dawn is from the Cosmic Dawn set.

Orionids really grabbed my attention first out of all six. I'm typically drawn to blues and greens, so it's no surprise. Orionids is very unique though. I would describe it as an indigo polishes with flecks of blue, purple, and green. Alone, it almost looks like outer space! But I still topped it with Cosmic Dawn for some added bling on an accent nail. 

Cosmic Dawn is an amazing glitter topper too. I've seen my fair share of silver holographic glitter suspended in a clear base, but this one is seriously unlike any other I have tried. I applied one generous coat of Cosmic Dawn and got plenty of glitter on my nail. The large holographic hexes really catch the light. It almost looks like I have diamond rhinestones on my nail!

As for Orionids, it's a little thick, but workable. I find that a lot of Rainbow Honey polishes tend to be pretty thick, but I sort of like it. This way, it only took two coats to reach full opacity, and I got plenty of shimmery flecks too. 

You can see how the holographic glitters shine so much that they reflect rainbows onto the other nearby nails. I love the stark contrast between the deep indigo of Orionids and the bright silver of Cosmic Dawn.

Photos can't really do either of these justice! They're absolutely amazing polishes, and they really catch the light. I'm surprised Orionids shimmers so much since it's so dark too. Unfortunately these two polishes are now sold out, but Rainbow Honey has been talking about bringing back some of their past limited edition polishes... Otherwise, you can always find other great polishes from Rainbow Honey on

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Muffins!

I ordered a few new polishes from Rainbow Honey recently. They arrived really quickly, and they've been tempting me sitting on my desk. So I thought I would give one a try already!

This one is called Muffins! Muffins! is a light blue polish filled with yellow glitters. The blue base is a little grayish, and the yellow glitters inside are mostly pale yellow.


The glitters in Muffins! are pretty unique to me - there's lots of circles! I know circular glitter is becoming much more popular, but I still think it looks really different and I love it. There are pretty large light yellow circles as well as some brighter yellow medium hexes. There is also a lot of pale yellow micro glitter and tiny bit of bluish shimmer. 

The base is even a unique shade since it's bluish gray. It almost looks like gray with a hint of blue in some light, or more like a brighter sky blue in other light. Either way, Muffins! is gorgeous, and I love how the yellow glitters contrast with it.

Application was pretty easy. Like most Rainbow Honey polishes, Muffins! is a little thick, but it's workable. It seems sheer in one coat, but a second coat makes it pretty opaque. It looks like I could have used a third toward the top of each nail, but then it would have gotten too thick toward the tips. 

It's a little lumpy looking, but that's just user error, really. I applied it a little thicker than I should have, but I still love how it looks. It also smoothed out nicely on the top with one layer of topcoat! Unfortunately this limited edition polish is now sold out, but Rainbow Honey has plenty of other gorgeous polishes to choose from too!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zoya Fall 2013 Satins

I have some really beautiful polishes to share with you all tonight. This collection is one of the fall 2013 collections that Zoya has released. I was really excited for the fall 2013 PixieDusts, but these are also amazing!
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

From left to right:
  • Maria-Luisa - Sparkling Cellophane Gold Topper
  • Channing - Rust Red Copper Metallic 
  • Mason - Red Violet “Fandango Pink” Metallic
  • Neve - Sapphire Blue Metallic
  • Giovanna - Lush Emerald Green Metallic
  • Claudine - Meteorite Gray Metallic

Claudine is a gorgeous dark metallic gray. I would almost call this a shade of gunmetal. It seemed a little streaky at first since the metallic bits left little lines where I had made the brushstrokes, but they evened out a little as it dried and looked even better with a layer of topcoat. I used two coats and got amazing coverage with it! I also used Maria-Luisa over it for an accent nail. 

Channing is a beautiful autumn orange. I think this color is perfect for fall since it reminds me of pumpkins and pumpkin spice! I used two coats of Channing and didn't really have an issue with streaks. I think it's because this one has little metallic flecks that help take away from whatever streaks you may have from application. I also used Maria-Luisa over it for an accent nail.

Mason is an interesting color. I would describe this one as a metallic fuchsia with shimmer. It's very pigmented and covered very well in two coats. It's a little pinkish/cranberry colored, but the color doesn't exactly scream "fall" to me. Either way, it's a gorgeous color though! I also used Maria-Luisa over it for an accent nail. 

Neve is probably my favorite in this collection. It is an amazing sapphire blue that looks like it has depth to it. I applied two coats, but it's almost a one-coater. The color is absolutely stunning, and the little flecks in it shine light blue and red. You really just have to move it around under some light! I also used Maria-Luisa over it for an accent nail. 

Giovanna is probably my second favorite in this collection, though it's a toss up between this and Channing. For how light this color is, it is very pigmented and covers well in one coat, though I applied two just to be sure that it covered completely. I'm a big fan of blues and greens, so I really love this shade. Even though I have tons of blues and greens, this one is still unique to me! I would call it a metallic emerald aqua, as it looks light blue in some light, but also the bluish-green of emerald in other light. I also used Maria-Luisa over it for an accent nail.

Maria-Luisa is the topcoat in this collection, so I applied it over the five other Satins above. However, I figured I would show it over some cremes so you could appreciate the shine of Maria-Luisa without a shimmer underneath. I applied it over four of the Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmeres: Sailor, Hunter, Flynn, and Pepper. You can see that it is gorgeous, and it's not really just a glitter topper. I consider this one to be almost like a flakie, as the gold flecks are like cellophane. The flecks really catch the light! I think this topcoat is amazing over shimmers or cremes and really looks great over deep blue. I applied one generous coat of Maria-Luisa over each color.

In general, I am stunned by this collection! Zoya has done it again and has "wowed" me with their amazing colors. Honestly, all of these colors are beautiful and they applied wonderfully for me. Each one required two coats at most, as some could probably be worn fine with one good coat. I think Neve is my favorite, so here is a closeup of it with the light blue and red flecks in the light! 

You can purchase the Fall 2013 Satins collection from Each full size bottle is $8.
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

B&W Nail Art Challenge - Recreate Your Favorite

Today's challenge is one I've been looking forward to! The idea is to recreate someone else's nail art from one of the previous challenges during the Black and White challenge.

My nails are based on some that Glitter Me This did for geometric day. Her nails reminded me of some of Piet Mondrian's abstract work, so I thought it would be perfect to add color to.

While Mondrian's art may be mostly white with black lines, Glitter Me This did black with with lines, so I kept it like that. However, I added a pop of color since the twist to today's challenge is to add one color! I thought yellow or red would look nice, and it was a difficult decision, but I went with yellow.

I started off by painting each nail with one coat of China Glaze White on White. I then took striping tape and started marking off random squares and rectangles with it. I decided where I wanted to put Zoya Darcy first, and then filled in the rest with Pure Ice Black Rage. I carefully removed the tape strips one by one and then finished with a layer of topcoat. 

Once again, it didn't come out as clean as I had planned. The tape peeled up some of the white, even though I waited a long time for it to set. I had this problem earlier in the challenge for my own geometric nails, so perhaps White on White just isn't the best white polish for taping. But I'm still happy with how they turned out! I see all of the imperfections in these close-up photos, but I love how they appear on my nails in person - I don't see all the tiny flaws! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hot Days Hotter Nights Giveaway!

I'm collaborating with several other bloggers for another great giveaway! This time XO, Noelle has put together the entire thing, so thank her for getting it all started! I have a prize up for grabs too - a brand new Butter London Lips & Tips set in Shambolic.

Giveaway ends August 15th at midnight. Please read all rules and terms before entering! Good luck :) 
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