Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zoya - Fall PixieDust 2013

I am so excited to share today's polishes! As you all know, I love Zoya, and I'm crazy about their PixieDust polishes. They're textured polishes, but they're also very sparkly so you can appreciate them with a glossy topcoat if a matte textured finish isn't always your thing.
Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

There are six colors in this collection:
  • Dhara: Dazzling Coppery Orange
  • Tomoko: Glowing Champagne Silver
  • Carter: Regal Purple
  • Arabella: Rich Fuchsia Pink
  • Sunshine: Van Gogh Navy Blue
  • Chita: Emerald Forest Green

Dhara is a wonderful, warm orange. With the gold textured bits, it makes me think of pumpkin spice - perfect for fall! It's a little on the bright side, but isn't as bright as Zoya Beatrix from the summer PixieDust collection. I used two coats of Dhara and no topcoat. It's somewhat of an orange jelly, though it covers very well in just two coats. 

Tomoko is a super sparkly silvery champagne. I think this one is the most dazzling out of the collection, as it really catches the light. It's such a slight champagne color that it's pretty much silver to me, though it does have that yellowish-gold tint to it. It's at least much more silvery looking than Zoya Godiva, which is more of a beige PixieDust. For being so light, it covered very well. I used two coats of Tomoko with no topcoat and got full coverage. 

Carter is one of my favorites from this collection. It is a deep, regal purple shade that is really stunning. I think the glitter contrasts with the base in Carter a little more than some of the other shades in this set. The base is a blue-violet jelly and the fine glitter is more of a bright purple, so you really get some depth to it instead of it just being a deep purple allover. I used two coats of Carter with no topcoat. I am stunned by how beautiful this one is, and I'm not even a huge fan of purple! 

Arabella is a raspberry sort of color. Since it's pretty much a jelly like a lot of the other PixieDust polishes, it looks a tad lighter on the nail than it does in the bottle. Also, this one didn't seem to try as matte as the others, which also would have helped to lighten it. Still, it's a gorgeous shade. Zoya describes it as a "rich fuchsia pink," but I like to think of it as more of a raspberry or cranberry, which is also perfect for fall! I think it is much brighter, more opaque, and more bold than Zoya Miranda though. I used two coats of Arabella with no topcoat. 

Sunshine is an interesting shade. I also think the name is pretty funny since it's such a dark color! I would describe Sunshine as a denim blue. With the silver sparkles and matte finish, it almost looks like denim texture too! I really love the shade though. It isn't as bright as Zoya Liberty, but isn't as subdued or pale as Zoya Nyx either. Also, this is one coat of Sunshine. It is much more opaque than the others since it isn't a jelly base like the others. 

Chita is another one of my favorites from this collection. It is a deep forest green with lots of sparkle. The texture really stands out in this one to me visually. I'm also really happy that they made another green PixieDust! The only other one is Zoya Vespa which is much lighter. Chita is also another one coater. I applied one generous coat of Chita with no topcoat. 

I am absolutely in love with this collection! I think these are my favorite PixieDusts so far, and I hope Zoya continues to make more PixieDust collections. I would love to see a winter collection! 

As for application, all of them are super easy to apply. They seem a little thick, but they're still super manageable. They also all cover very well, and either take one or two coats for full coverage. I didn't show them with topcoat this time, but from prior experience, I'm sure they'd be gorgeous with a glossy finish! You can appreciate the sparkle with matte or glossy with the PixieDust polishes. 

Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 

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