Sunday, July 7, 2013

Super Black Lacquers - HBIC

I'm excited to share my first Super Black Lacquers polish with you all! I ordered quite a few actually since I've been putting it off. I finally caved when they were in stock, and I'm glad I ordered when I did!

This one is called HBIC. It is a royal blue jelly with a hint of purple, and it is filled with all sorts of gold glitters. Most of the glitters are holographic though, so it looks like the polish is a lot more colorful.

The bottle is really cute. It's a pretty narrow but tall rectangle. It's different from most polish bottles I have, so I like it! The only unfortunate thing is that it doesn't say the name of the polish on it. I ordered several others and it appears that none of them are labeled. I'll just make my own labels for them so I don't forget the names!

HBIC appears more blue in the bottle and little more bluish purple on the nail. I suppose this happens because it is a jelly and looks warmed in color when applied over pinkish skin and nails! It is a gorgeous, regal color either way, and combined with gold glitter it really looks stunning.

I applied three coats of HBIC and one layer of HK Girl topcoat. The color built up easily, though it is pretty sheer in one or two coats. I like how a few coats added a lot of depth though - it almost looks like a star-filled night sky. Application was great and I had no formula issues. The glitter dispersed perfectly too.

I've been wearing HBIC for a couple days now and I love it! It looks very blue in some light and it looks very purple at other times. It's truly stunning and if you're looking to try out Super Black Lacquers, I would highly recommend this one! 

You can purchase HBIC from the Super Black Lacquers website:
It is $12.00 for a full size bottle. It looks very bright in their shop photos, but it is much deeper in person. Although I may have to apply it over Revlon Royal next to make it appear brighter and more opaque! 


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