Friday, July 26, 2013

Salon Perfect - Summer Floam Neons

I'm not sure what these polishes are really called, but I've been calling them Summer Floam polishes, after the legendary Nailventurous Floam polish. One in this collection is very similar to Floam, and the others are just as exciting!

They're all pretty much the same thing, just different colors. They're all a clear base filled with tiny, colorful glitters. There are six that I found at Walmart, so I grabbed them all! Kaboom, Zapped, Bang, Joly, Exploded, and Shocked. 

Shocked is a bunch of hot pink and bright blue glitter together. From afar, it looks more purple since the colors mingle together so closely. I decided to paint it over Essie The Girls are Out and China Glaze Hanging in the Balance since they're both similar to the glitter colors. The blue contrasts like crazy, and you can see how it really pops. I used two coats of Shocked

Bang is filled with orange and yellow glitters. This one looks very similar to Jolt and Exploded, but Bang is pretty much in the middle - Jolt leans more yellow and Exploded leans more orange. I applied it over China Glaze Sun of a Peach and Essie Sunday Funday. I only used two coats of Bang, but it looks a little thick since unfortunately Sun of a Peach took a few coats to become fully opaque. Bang covered well, though I had a problem with some of the glitters getting messy since mine had a slightly messed up brush. 

Jolt is a lot like Bang, but it has much more yellow glitter. I applied it over China Glaze Sun of a Peach and Essie Sunday Funday again. I think I like how Jolt looks over these colors more since it's more yellow, and therefore it shows up a little better over the orange polishes I chose. I used two coats of Jolt

Zapped is sort of like inverted Floam. It has a lot more yellow-green glitter than blue glitter, and is actually similar to Ninja Polish's Sunny Floam. I applied it over China Glaze Hanging in the Balance and Essie The More the Merrier. I like how it appears over both colors, though you can see how the blue glitters camouflage with the blue polish and the greenish-yellow glitter with the green polish. Also, you can see how it's all over my fingers. The little glitters can get messy! If you get some on your skin and want to clean up around the nail, it may be a little difficult to get all the little bits of glitter. 

Kaboom is like an inverted Zapped. There are more blue glitters than greenish glitters, though it may actually be half-half. I applied it over China Glaze Hanging in the Balance and Essie The More the Merrier again, though I switched the colors - this time the accent nail is blue instead of green. While a lot of the glitter pieces hide in the polish colors I chose, I like how well they match. I used two coats of Kaboom

Exploded is similar to Jolt and Bang, though it's much more orange. Almost the entire bottle is orange glitter with a little bit of yellow glitter. The orange pieces almost appear to be a little on the coral side too. This one is a little too orange for me, and I think I prefer Bang out of the three since it's right in between orange and yellow. I once again applied it over China Glaze Sun of a Peach and Essie Sunday Funday so it would be easier to compare how they all look. I used two coats of Exploded

In general, I'm pretty pleased with these polishes. They were really difficult for me to find in my local Walmarts, and since they seem to be a summer item, I'm not sure how long they'll be around. But I would recommend that you grab some if you spot them! 

I only really had some difficulty with them being a little on the messy side, but that's also because I was swatching them one after another and also had one that had a wonky brush inside. Try to be pretty precise with them - if you want to clean up the little glitters from your skin, it'll be hard to do! They stick to skin a lot, but eventually come off after washing your hands a few times. 

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