Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day Nails

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Americans! And even if you're not reading this from the US, I hope you enjoy the glittery polishes all the same!

I know I'm posting a day early, but why not?! I'm excited to share this patriotic glittery goodness with you all. I wanted my nails to be very festive since I love decorating for holidays, so I went wild with the red, white, and blue. I didn't do any nail art design, but I used some awesome glitter topcoats. 

For my base colors, I used China Glaze Hanging in the Balance and Zoya Carmen for my accent nail. I really  like this shade of blue so I wanted to use a bit more of it, but I also wanted to show off 365 Days of Color Ermahgerd Murica which has a lot of red in it. To switch it up a bit, I also added I Love Nail Polish Candy Gram over Carmen since it's sort of like the colors are reversed.

You can see that Ermahgerd Murica has much more red glitter and Candy Gram has much more blue. It's almost a teal blue, but I thought it was close enough! Both polishes are gorgeous either way. 

Ermahgerd Murica is a clear base with lots of red squares and micro glitter. It also has larger holographic squares, some bright blue dots, and of course, white stars! 
Candy Gram is more blue based and has mostly turquoise hexes and micro glitter along with red dots. It has a tiny bit of dark shreds thrown in along with white hearts. 

I applied two coats of Hanging in the Balance and two coats of Carmen. I then dabbed on a couple coats of Ermahgerd Murica. I had to work at getting a couple stars, but some also came out of the bottle easily. I pretty much did the same to apply Candy Gram and to get some of the hearts. 

You can see I was silly and smudged the middle finger a little, oops! But I'm still loving these nails. They're so festive and fun, and the holographic squares in Ermahgerd Murica really make it pop in the light!

I bought Ermahgerd Murica from 365 Days of Color's shop,
I also bought Candy Gram from I Love Nail Polish's shop,
I'm loving both polishes, and even though they're a little on the patriotic side, I can see myself using them more during the year. Both have enough glitter to cover well too, and the variety of glitter is nice.


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