Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comic-Con Geek Week - Inspired by a Movie

Comic-Con Geek Week continues! Today's theme is inspired by a movie. Once again, I was really torn over what to use as inspiration. However I finally settled on The Avengers!

I was trying to think of a good way to portray each of the Avengers. I figured Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, and Iron Man's arc reactor were pretty recognizable, but I had no idea what to do for the Hulk! And my thumb and Hawkeye got neglected as well.

Source: Wikipedia

Like usual, I tried free handing my designs. Everything went pretty well until I applied the topcoat - then the star on Captain America's shield got smeared a bit! I guess I didn't wait long enough for it to dry.

I started off by painting my index finger with China Glaze Hanging in the Balance, my middle and ring with China Glaze Poinsettia, and my pinkie with Revlon Posh. I then used Rainbow Honey Mint Flavor and nail art polishes in brown, white, silver, black, and purple glitter for the details.

I think Thor's hammer turned out the best! I thought that one would be the hardest, and yet I really like how it looks. On the other hand, I thought Iron Man's arc reactor would be pretty easy to do, and it turns out that it's much harder to replicate! I suppose the design of the arc reactor I chose might not also be accurate for the time frame of the actual Avengers movie, but oh well, I'm not picky.

I'm not too excited about how Captain America's shield turned out, and I think the Hulk nail isn't too exciting either. Like I said, it's pretty difficult to choose a symbol for the Hulk! Maybe I could have done a radioactive symbol? Or the double helix of DNA? Or I suppose the purple gradient on green is significant enough! 

Well at least I'm getting back into nail art. I'm clearly a bit rusty still since I've only really been doing swatching when I have the time. I'll have to try and choose more nail art ideas and hopefully do more challenges in the near future too! 

I wonder what movie everyone else chose for their inspiration! 
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  1. Very cute. I like Captain America's shield the best. All the nails are done though. The arc reactor is also great.

  2. Really love these theyre amazing! Captain America's shield really is good :)

  3. Love it!

    Certain colors always bleed for me even after they're fully dried before I apply the top coat. I found though, if you dab the top coat over colors that you know will bleed, then apply the full top coat after it's dried, it stops the bleeding.


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