Monday, July 29, 2013

B&W Nail Art Challenge - Get-in-shape: Geometric

Today starts yet another nail art challenge! I am doing this one along with several other bloggers, so be sure to check out their links at the bottom as well. This challenge is all about black and white designs, so every theme will be done in only black and white polish! 

Today's theme starts out with the basics: geometric shapes. I suppose I did more of a geometric pattern than shapes, but I wasn't really sure what to do! Every idea I had sort of overlapped with a future theme in this challenge, so I decided to save my other ideas for later and just go ahead with this design. 

I love chevrons, though I didn't want to do normal chevron stripes across each nail. So instead I did them down each nail, and just left each side a solid color. I even ended up free handing the designs!

I started off by painting each nail with China Glaze White on White. I then decided to try taping, but ended up failing at it. I waited a long time for White on White to dry, and even used a quick dry topcoat on it, but it still peeled up! 

I would have tried again, but I was a little busy yesterday and last night, so I didn't want to start over completely. Instead, I just decided to start free handing with Pure Ice Black Rage. I did the ring finger nail and thought it turned out perfect! So I went back and fixed the index and middle, which had gotten pulled up.

I'm so happy with how the ring finger one turned out! It's almost perfect. Unfortunately the others didn't turn out as nice and clean looking, but they're close enough for me. It's funny how from one angle all of my nails look white, and from another angle they all look black now! 

Don't forget that this a multi-blogger challenge! So check out what everyone else did for today's theme. As usual, anybody is welcome to join in though. Feel free to add your link with InLinkz belows or share your photo on my Facebook wall!


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