Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Summer of 199X

I have somewhat of a preview for you all tonight. I was sent three of the new polishes from Rainbow Honey's The Summer of 199X collection to try out. There are ten polishes in this collection though, so this is only a taste of the full set!
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

You can see a bit of the full collection in the image in the back. There is Part I (the top row) which is the shimmery glitters, and Part II (bottom row) which are the cremes and glitter toppers. I received three of the shimmery glitters to try out.

The three I received are The Kracken, Tiny Ruby, and Pink Cloud. I'm really excited to have gotten these three! They're all simply stunning right off the bat. Here's a closer look at how they appear in the bottles. 

Pink Cloud 

Pink Cloud is described as "a hot pink jelly with holographic glitters and iridescent shimmer." It's a pretty bright pink, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a hot pink. The base is a little on the crelly side rather than the jelly side, and it's a little thick. The thickness is alright though, as it covers very well. I only used two coats and got near full coverage.

Pink Cloud is still somewhat of a jelly though. I like when glittery polishes are jellies since more coats adds more depth, and you can still see the glitter in the layers below. There are lots of red, silver, and holographic glitters to appreciate in it! 

Tiny Ruby

Tiny Ruby is described as a "shimmering ruby jelly filled with holographic glitters, glistening flecks, and the rarest jewels of Dalaam." It looks very red in the bottle, but on the nail it looks a little deeper, almost like a brick red or even a cranberry sort of color. Tiny Ruby is more of a jelly than Pink Cloud as the base is more sheer. I still only needed two coats for this coverage though. 

The shimmer in Tiny Ruby is very apparent, as it shines gold in the light and really contrasts with the deep red. The golden holographic glitters also shine from red to blue - it's really eye-catching! 

The Kracken

The Kracken is described as "a marine jelly with a blue and green glow filled with glitters, shimmer, and the sea monster’s own holographic Crashing Boom Bang!" I knew I would like this polish immediately given its gorgeous blue shade. The base is a pretty jelly similar to that of Tiny Ruby, but it also covers well in two coats. The Kracken is incredibly shimmery, and the contrast of the large golden holographic glitters with the bluish base is amazing. It almost looks like sunken treasure. 

The Kracken is a little on the thick side, though it's manageable. I sort of got a clump of large glitters on my middle finger nail, but at least it's really sparkly! The upside to the polish being somewhat thick is that you don't have to go fishing for glitters - a lot come out along with the base and don't fall off the brush quickly. It looks a little lumpy, but it smoothed out nicely with a layer of topcoat. Even the large gold glitters laid flat and were sealed within the jelly base and the topcoat. 

Of the three I tried, I would recommend them all. They are all on the thick side, but if it's too bothersome, a little nail polish thinner would probably help. The upside to them being thick is that they cover very well in few coats (I used two coats of each polish) and you also don't have to fish for large glitters - the glitters stick to the brush easily. 

The Summer of 199X Collection will officially be released on June 21 on and through other online retailers. However there will also be an exclusive 24-hour preorder sale on June 14! So that means you can order early this Friday. 

The full size collection (10 polishes) is $90, and a mini set (10 polishes) is $40. You can also purchase Part I and Part II as separate sets, or even purchase individual polishes for $10 each. All orders over $50 also get free shipping and a free limited edition polish! 

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 


  1. MMmmm I love Rainbow Honey! I'm jealous of the ones you got to review...they're so pretty! My "preview" post of this collection (and the three polishes I got to review) will be up tomorrow, and I will definitely be pre-ordering the entire collection on the 14th!! =)

  2. Gorgeous swatches! I haven't tried any Rainbow Honey yet!

  3. I love them all! I am so excited for the collection and I love Rainbow Honey!

  4. I live for your Vines. Thanks for making them!


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