Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Summer of 199X Part II

I got to try out a few of Rainbow Honey's new polishes about a week ago. I had posted about The Kracken, Pink Cloud, and Tiny Ruby that I was sent for review. Well I loved them so much that I bought the entire set! I absolutely love Rainbow Honey's polishes, and I knew I had to have this collection.

The entire Summer of 199X collection consists of 10 polishes, but I'm only going to show you three more that I combined for a bright, colorful manicure. I used Mint Flavor, Tessie, and Magic Cake, all from Part II of the Summer of 199X collection.

Mint Flavor is a beautiful minty light blue creme. It has some slight shimmer to it, but it's mostly a creme. Tessie is a light purple creme that also has some shimmer, though I find the shimmer to be a little more apparent in this one than Mint Flavor.

Magic Cake is a colorful glitter topper. It is a clear base with lots of matte hot pink, blue, and green glitters. There are large hexes, medium squares, and some smaller hexes. There is also a bit of sparkle to the base. I'm really loving the matte and satin glitters!

I applied two coats of Mint Flavor on all my nails except for the accent nail, which I used two coats of Tessie on. Both colors applied smoothly and left no streaks. They covered very well for being pretty pastel. 

I then applied one coat of Magic Cake on each nail. It covered well, though it may seem a little sparse to some people. I didn't want to add a second coat and make it overwhelming looking, but it would be pretty easy to build up.

I love how well they actually go together! It's very bright and summery, and the more matte glitters look almost like neon paint splatters. I'm enjoying how different this looks from most polishes and glitters I've been wearing and seeing recently. 

You can purchase the entire collection from Rainbow Honey in either full (15mL) or mini (3.75mL) sizes. Or you can buy Part I, Part II (which has these three polishes), or even individual colors now! Don't forget that if you spend $50 on you also get this month's limited edition polish (which is Mt. Moon this month) for free, along with free shipping! 


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