Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Premiere Orlando 2013

It's been quiet around here! I was really busy this weekend with Premiere Orlando, so I didn't get a chance to do my nails or blog about it. So instead I took some photos while I was at Premiere and thought I would share them all with you! This may be a little photo heavy!

Premiere Orlando is an event for beauty professionals and students. It is basically a huge convention located in Orlando, Florida that has everything from nail polish to hair care and even more in between. There are hundreds of booths and lots of big name brands there. There are also constantly demos going on and lots of interactive exhibits and booths!

I took these two photos on my way in, before it officially opened. It was really cool to see it from up high on the catwalk with nobody in the way of the booths!

I am actually not licensed, nor am I a student (not yet at least), so I attended as an exhibitor since I was helping at one of the two Olivia Garden booths there. I helped set the entire thing up, worked there one day, and helped tear it down. It was exhausting but interesting! 

This is the booth I worked at. We sold all sorts of hair shears, brushes, aprons, capes, vests, and more. It's pretty much all hair and salon products. We set up the racks, lights, and even the flooring!

I worked one day and attended the other for a couple of hours so I could take advantage of the great prices! Everything was insanely affordable at the show. I started off by scoping out one of the two Zoya booths.

This Zoya booth sold individual colors. It was nice since you didn't have to buy an entire set. Each polish was only $3! I was amazed. They had just about every shade from the Stunning, Irresistible, and PixieDust collections. The bottles looks so cute all lined up. They also had Qtica Hot Lips.

I next went to the China Glaze booth. Being a polish junkie, I had to hit up as many nail polish booths as possible! This booth was fantastic. It was huge, and had polish racks on all four sides.

The prices here were also insane - it was 6 China Glaze bottles for $15! I ended up taking advantage of that deal twice, so I got 12 normal polishes. I then also picked up all six textures, which were 6 for $18. Some other newer sets were also 6 for $18, such as Tranzitions and Glitz n Pieces.

I then headed to the other side of the convention center where Orly and most of the other nail polish vendors were. Orly had a pretty large booth, but they didn't have tons of their normal polishes. They did however have lots of their Gel FX polishes. 

I didn't pick up any gel ones, but I did get six normal polishes. They were 6 for $22. It was another difficult decision since they still did have a nice selection! I got Space Cadet among some others.

I scoped out the second Zoya booth that was on this side too. The only photo I got of this booth is unfortunately on Instagram (so no high quality here!), but it sold sets. They sold the boxed sets of summer PixieDust, Stunning, and Irresistible. If you bought two sets you got one free! I also think they were priced around $24 for each set.

Since I already have those sets, I gave the polishes a miss. However, they also had Remove+! The huge 32oz bottles were buy 2 for $25, and get 2 free. So that's four bottles of Remove+ for $25! That's seriously a steal, so I took advantage of it. Yes, I toted around one gallon of Remove+ after that! So worth it.

I then scoped out one of the OPI booths. One sold almost all gel polishes, and this one sold more normal polishes and treatments. I thought about picking up some of the liquid sand polishes, but I refrained. I did, however, buy some much needed Nail Envy.

The Nail Envy was only $7 per bottle, or $8 paired with a cuticle oil. So I grabbed two of the Nail Envy and cuticle oil duos. You can see that Nail Envy was definitely popular! The duos were almost gone and the regular formula of Nail Envy was selling fast. 

I went to some other booths as well, but I didn't get photos of them all. I bought the Halo Hues from Color Club, and I even got a free polish from Trind to try out. I have never tried Trind's polishes before, so I'm excited! 

I took a couple more photos from up high on my way out. It was only about 11 AM or noon when I was leaving, so it was still very busy.

As for what I bought, I got tons! I really bought more than I should have, but I couldn't resist the great prices. I knocked out a lot of polishes from my wishlist, and at least I got them pretty cheap. Here's everything still boxed up:

...and unboxed. It looks like a ton (and it is!) but I'm so happy that I got everything for a fraction of the normal cost. I feel so privileged to have gotten the opportunity to attend Premiere and take advantage of the sales there. In the end I probably spent around $200, which is a lot to drop at once, but I think I really got a lot out of it.

If you're curious about the details, I ended up with:

  • 4 32oz Remove+ bottles ($25)
  • 6 Venique polishes (6 for $15)
  • 6 Orly polishes (6 for $22)
  • 12 China Glaze polishes (6 for $15)
  • 6 China Glaze texture polishes (6 for $18)
  • 12 Color Club Halo Hues ($6 each)
  • 2 OPI Nail Envy duos ($8 each)
  • 1 Trind polish (free)

It's almost shameful how much I got! But like I said, I really couldn't resist the sales on a bunch of items from my wishlist. After all, it was my birthday last week - this is my present to myself! 

If you're a beauty professional or student, I would highly recommend going to Premiere Orlando! It is in Florida, so I know not everybody can go, but if any shows closer to you are anything like this, then I suggest going. It is about $50-$80 to attend depending on if you're a student or not, and if you attend both days or not. It was exhausting, but fun, and I'm sort of glad I got a bunch of "lemmings" - and now I won't be kicking myself saying "I should have bought that when I saw it at Premiere!" 


  1. GREAT post Corrinne! Looks like it was an amazing experience =)

  2. Great post! Super jealous of all your purchases!

  3. so jealous!!!! Beautiful selections

  4. After looking at what you bought and looking at what I bought... I got a shameful amount. I really need to start working on my office so I have somewhere to put them! I really have no where. I Loooove the pictures!

  5. Oh wow, amazing! I wish I could have gone, but I'm not a beauty professional or student anyway, so I probably couldn't have gotten in anyway, haha. Congrats on your awesome haul, those prices were insanely cheap!


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