Saturday, June 15, 2013

Essie - Naughty Nautical Collection

I'm going strong on my swatching spree! Today I have the Naughty Nautical collection from Essie. This is their summer 2013 collection. I finally bought them from Amazon and wow, they are so pretty in person!

There are six polishes in this collection: Sunday Funday, The Girls are Out, Full Steam Ahead, Rock the Boat, The More the Merrier, and Naughty Nautical. The colors are very bright for summer, although a couple are a bit more pastel. All of them are slightly shimmery except for The More the Merrier, which is a creme. You can see of the silvery shimmer in the closeups below. 

Full Steam Ahead is a really pretty purple shade. The Naughty Nautical collection as a whole looks pretty summery, but this polish alone looks more like a spring shade to me. Full Steam Ahead is pretty light but still covers well. I used two coats for these photos, however there are a couple spots that look thin. A third coat might have been necessary! Still, it applied very nicely. The first coat was pretty thin and streaky, but the second coat fixed it right up. 

Rock the Boat is another polish  that doesn't really scream "summer" to me, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. This one reminds me of Sinful Colors Cinderella since it's a shimmery pale blue, but I don't think Rock the Boat is as shimmery. I actually sort of prefer this one since the shimmer is there, just subtle. Then again, I'm a huge fan of cremes! 

Like Full Steam Ahead, Rock the Boat covered well in two coats, but probably could have used a third just because it's such a light color. The first coat was a little thin and streaky, but the second coat really made it opaque. 

The Girls are Out is a wonderful fuchsia color. I really like this shade as it's a little different from the typical neon pinks and purples - it's almost somewhere in between. It's a little more on the purple side than the pink side, but this color is pretty difficult to photograph perfectly. 

I used two coats of The Girls are Out. Being a little darker in color, it covered very well. I don't think a third coat is needed at all for this polish. It applied great and evened itself out well so there were no streaks. 

The More the Merrier is an interesting shade. It's a little more yellow-green in person, as this is another difficult polish to photograph (a lot of neons are!). I would describe this one as almost a lime green or a chartreuse. It's also a shade that I know people tend to either love or hate! Even though it looks like Nickelodeon slime green in the photos, I'm liking the color. It's very bright on its own, but it'll be great for some summer nail art! 

I applied two coats of The More the Merrier and had no problems with application. I am impressed that it is pretty much a streak-free neon creme! Again, this one also has no shimmer, while the other five in the collection do. 

Naughty Nautical is easily one of my favorites from this collection. It is a bright teal shade that leans more blue than green. With how light it is, I suppose you could also call it turquoise. I used two coats of Naughty Nautical as well, though three may have been better for this one. Both coats covered well, but some spots just seem a little thin.

Sunday Funday is probably my second favorite from this collection. I am a sucker for teals and corals, so this and Naughty Nautical really grabbed my attention. Sunday Funday is also a little difficult to photograph, but it's a coral that leans more pink than orange. My camera, even with adjusting, just wanted to make it look more orange! 

I used two coats of Sunday Funday. Application was great and it covered well. I don't think this one really needs a third coat, but it might if you really want to make sure there are no thin spots, just like Naughty Nautical

I'm really happy that I bought this collection while it's easy to find. The colors are really bright and interesting to me, and while I own some similar shades already, these ones still remain unique with their subtle shimmer. I also like how bright and cheery they are without being full-on neons. And application was pretty good - most look great with two coats!


  1. I love this collection! Pretty swatches!

  2. I love these!! That teal OMG I need it! ..Maybe the pink and green also!

  3. Fabulous swatches!! I was going to pass on this collection and then I saw them in person! But I only picked up three! :)

  4. I need this collection now! Gorgeous swatches!

  5. I wore Naughty Nautical today - it's so pretty!

  6. I am obsessed with this collection!

  7. I need to just go ahead and buy this collection. I love the colours!


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