Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Lacquer - The Airbender Collection

I've been meaning to put up this collection for a while! I bought them quite a while ago and I've been dying to share them with you all. This collection from Daily Lacquer is called The Airbender Collection, and is made up of five polishes.

Since you're all probably not familiar with the name, this collection is inspired by the animated TV show Avatar the Last Airbender. The five polishes are (from left to right) Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, The Avatar State, Water Tribes, and Fire Nation.

All five polishes are glitter toppers, so I'll show them over various colors. The clear base is also really iridescent, so I applied them over mostly cremes so you can see how shimmery they are too.

The Avatar State

The Avatar State is a polish that represents when Aang is able to use all the different bending techniques from the four nations. Because of that, this polish contains glitter from the four other polishes in the set. Since it's so colorful, I couldn't decide what color to apply it over! So I applied it over Ulta Snow White and Wet n Wild Black Creme

I applied two coats of The Avatar State. Application was smooth, and I didn't have to work too hard to get a good variety of glitter out. I love how it has red, blue, gold, and more in it - it looks like confetti! The base is also iridescent, so it made the flat cremes look very shimmery, especially the black. 

Air Nomads

Air Nomads is a little different from the others in this collection since it doesn't have the same iridescent shine to the base. However, it is still gorgeous, and is packed with more glitter to make up for it. The glitter is small gold and metallic orange hexes, along with some medium blue hexes. The blue and the orange really contrast!

I applied one coat of Air Nomads over China Glaze Kalahari Kiss and Zoya Arizona. As you can see, it is really full of glitter to cover like that in one coat! I think this one could be built up in a few coats, but I love it as a glitter topper. It almost looked like sparkling, jeweled sand.

Water Tribes

Water Tribes really caught my eye in this collection too. The polish is inspired by the water tribes of the north and south poles in Avatar the Last Airbender. Water Tribes contains lots of beautiful blue glitters but also has an icy feel to it with the iridescent shimmer in the base.

I applied two coats of Water Tribes over Sinful Colors Sugar Rush and Orly La Playa. The shimmer is really apparent on the darker color again. I like how there are lots of holographic glitter pieces in this polish too, so it looks like more than just blue and white glitter. However, the larger pieces of glitter such as the crescent moons were more difficult to get out. 

Earth Kingdom

Earth Kingdom lives up to its name, as it is a very earthy polish. It has lots of metallic green glitter along with some smaller brown hexes and medium copper hexes. The base of Earth Kingdom also has an iridescent shine to it, and it really catches the light.

I applied two coats of Earth Kingdom over Revlon Jaded and Revlon Posh. Jaded is slightly shimmery on its own, but Earth Kingdom really dressed it up. Application was great with this one, and there were no larger pieces to struggle with. I wasn't sure how I would like Earth Kingdom at first since it has quite a bit of brown to it, but I'm really digging it! (No pun intended) I like how it has a very "jungly" look over the deeper green.

 Fire Nation

Fire Nation is another polish that lives up to its name. I'm not a huge fan of bar glitter, but I think it works great for a fiery polish. The colors are spot on in red, orange, and gold too. I also like how it's now just flat reds and oranges, but a lot of the pieces are holographic and flash green and blue too.

Fire Nation has an iridescent base as well, but I don't think it's as apparent as the other polishes. I applied it over Zoya Arizona and OPI Red, but the shine just doesn't really show on these two colors. Still, the polish is great. I applied two coats of it and didn't have to fight the bar glitters to lay flat. I got a nice distribution of glitter without trying again.

I'm really happy that I ordered these polishes! I think I'm loving Air Nomads and Water Tribes the most, though all of them are gorgeous. I'll have to experiment with them over even more colors - especially deeper colors to let the iridescent base show.

You can purchase Daily Lacquer's polishes from her website, http://www.dailylacquer.com/. Full size polishes are $9 each, and the Airbender Collection is $40 for all five polishes. Unfortunately, as I'm writing this post, all of her polishes are out of stock. But I'm sure she'll be back up and running soon! She has some other great polishes too, such as some Sailor Moon inspired ones.


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